Things To Do In Goa With Deccan Odyssey Train

Goa is known as the beach capital of India – a fun filled land where beach parties are a way of life here. Those who like to get lively fun and frolic without an end to celebrations think of Goa as the best party holiday destination. The tall palm trees sway with breeze as there are exotic night parties on the swishing beaches of Goa. Take part in amazing adventure watersports including parasailing, jet-skiing & wind sailing on the most popular beaches of the Arabian Sea – Dona Paula, Majorda or Colva.

Goa is a fusion of festivities and cultural heritage so you should not be surprised to find an ancient church beside a casino there. However, there is more to the culture aspect of Goa with temples and museums giving insight into the rich heritage & history of this cosmopolitan culture. The Deccan Odyssey train takes guests to the most popular destination on Day – 4 of the week long luxuy sojourn Maharashtra Splendour.

Guests are taken to view the culture & heritage sites and take part in famous tourist activities in Goa mentioned below:

  1. On the day – 4 of the Maharashtra Splendour journey the guests de-board the Deccan Odyssey for a culture sightseeing trip. After having a heartening breakfast onbord the luxury train the guests go in an airconditioned coach (tourist bus) to a historic tmeple called Mangeshi Temple in Vasco Da Gama. This trip will help you get an insight into the culture aspect of Goa that nobody knows.
  2. Back in the mid fifteenth century the Sultan of Bijapur – Ibrahim Adil Shah built an pilgrimage site in Ponda called Safa Masjid. The guests can visit this spiritual place considered to be an extensive pilgrimate site which is an example of Islamic architectural style. There is a standalone chamber for prayers with a tiled roof. This mosque is outstanding from the remaining 27 mosques in Goa.
  3. Tourists to Goa are taken for a guided stroll through the famous spice farm in Ponda. Learn about several spieces through a guided 45 minutes tour through the Shakahari Spice Plantations. From the 130 acres there are spice plantations, fruit trees, medicinal herbs in 60 acres of this land. There are interesting activities like elephant rides. Watch out for a folk dance performance.
  4. There is also a restaurant there so when you are hungry have lunch in traditional Goa style at the farm restaurant.
  5. Visit menezez braganza – a hertage culture house in chandor village to know about traditional culture. This famous tourist spot and culture institute was built in the sixteenth century. Get a relaxed feel of the laid back suburban lifestyle of the ancient house.

The guests then return to board the train at madgaon railway station to have a scrumptuous dinner. The train makess the onward journey to Kolhapur – a temple town.

Know more about the schedule of Deccan Odyssey Train and visit Goa on the luxury train for a truly relaxed trip and expereince the culture of Goa.

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