Installing or replacing old and worn out block paving with new one is an ideal solution to instantly enhance the curb appeal of a property. Block paving is a commonly used method for creating decorative pavements, which can be usually seen on driveways, but it can be used almost anywhere, like patios or paths. Combining blocks with bricks and other materials can lend a unique touch to the driveway and make it an eye catching feature of a property. However, getting block paving done can prove to be quite challenging for many homeowners who are not aware of the factors they should pay attention to. Here is a list of the things worth considering when installing block paving.


It is the most crucial factor that should be finalised first. Primarily, clay and concrete are two options homeowners can choose from. Concrete block paving is economical and durable, usually lasting for twenty years, but its colour can fade over time. Vast variety of shapes, textures and sizes is also available in concrete block paving. Clay block paving, on the other hand, is more expensive but lasts for a very long time with no problem of fading colour. People can go for rectangular or square shape, available in a variety of patterns.


In order to look appealing, the block paving should not only suit the style of property, but go well with its surroundings as well. This is crucial because installing modern style black paving in a neighbourhood with vintage homes can seem out of place. After considering this factor, homeowners can opt for standard, decorative or tumbled styles.

Things To Consider Before Installing Block Paving Surrey


Rectangular is the most preferred shape of block paving among homeowners; however one can go for other shapes as well for a distinctive appearance. The most suitable shape should be selected after considering the style of property and the kind of look one wishes to achieve. Getting in touch with an experienced and reputable block paving Surrey expert can help to explore a variety of shapes to choose from.


The choice of colour can vary from one house to another, but the colour must be selected carefully to avoid turning a driveway into an eye sore. The colour one chooses should complement the exterior of the house and look like an extension of its surroundings. Basically it depends on individual preferences of homeowners, as whether they would prefer a light or dark pavement. Rather than going for blocks in a single colour, combining more than two colours is a better option to achieve an interesting look.

When block paving was introduced, around more than three decades back, the choice in terms of colours and styles was quite restricted and people were forced to do away with basic colours and simple designs. However, a lot has changed since then and thanks to the amazing variety of colours, designs and styles available these days, giving a unique and interesting look to driveways is possible with professionally installed block paving Surrey.