Things One Should And Shouldn’t Expect From Their PR Firm: An Insight

Public relations and marketing are important to the growth of any business. A business involves so many things to be done, that the owner can’t do marketing and PR handling him/ her. Outsourcing is important for it to flourish. PR is nothing but a way of lead generation (getting the message spread by all means).

These are some things one may expect from any reputed PR agency Los Angeles.

Taking ownership:

They shouldn’t give up while chasing opportunities. They should get involved proactively in knowing about the functioning of your business and all about your services and products. They should be excited and enthusiastic as much as you are since they have to represent your business.

They Should Treat Your Business As One Of Its Kind

They should believe that your business is unique. They should explore the best media outlets and approach them, after knowing about your business from a closer angle. This might be time-consuming, which is why it is advisable to go for a monthly retainer instead of an hourly one.

They Make It All Happen

All you present your PR firm Los Angeles CA with is your goal and the details of your business. Your goal can be having more clients or subscribers, more exposure for your event etc. It then becomes the responsibility of your PR to think thing through. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask them all kinds of questions involving the why, what, where and when and they should be able to answer them satisfactorily.

They should also present you with reports at regular intervals, after monitoring the progress of your business. Make sure to get this added to the package if it’s not a part.

Your PR SHOULDN’T guarantee media coverage. It’s up to the editor to decide if they want to run the story. Your PR should just develop a great plan and an attractive release in the media. On an average, it takes three months to build a relationship with the media. For the first two months, it is mostly behind the scenes research work which is being done by your PR.

Great Communication Is The Key

Your PR agency should keep in touch with you on a regular basis, updating you on the progress they’ve made. This can be negotiated and both the parties can decide on the frequency (monthly, weekly) at and means (email, Skype, face-to-face, phone) by which you should be updated. They should be intent listeners and great writers.

They should excel at content marketing and media release skills, be able to sift through loads of information, ghost author the article for your spokesperson whenever required etc. They should have innovative and open minds which are able to pin point key points from a lengthy conversation and drive it around those points. They should be confident yet humble and should own for their mistakes.

There are several experienced PR agencies like Rogers & Cowan, which are experienced and are guided by innovation and creativity. Internet can be used as a tool to go through the websites of such reputed PR agencies so that you can make the best decision!

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