“The Wire” is a series that has been there for a decade but is still rocking the internet market as viewers keep on streaming to watch the unraveling of its episodes. Season one of the thriller, mystery, crime drama comprises of a total of thirteen episodes.

The plot of the series is set the city of Baltimore and brings to picture the centers that are essentially drug scenes of the inner city. D’Angelo Barksdale, a middle level drug dealer beats up a murder trap as the series begins. Det. James McNulty is assigned the responsibility of leading a joint homicide & narcotic team to eliminate all the drug barons. This is after they have consulted a judge and they are determined to wipe out this drug menace once and for all. Drug kingpin Avon Barksdale is the major target in the whole operation.

“The Wire” A Thrilling Series To Watch Online - Season 1

Avon Barksdale is accompanied by Stringer Bell, his right-hand man, enforcer Wee-Bey together with several other lieutenants that include D’Angelo Barksdale-his own nephew. Avon Barksdale has to deal with several situations at the same time and these include dealing with the law enforcement and its officers, dealing with informants from within his own team, dealing with competitors in the drug trade and dealing with those who have been robbing his dealers and reselling the drugs.

Lt. Cedric, the supervisor of the investigation team also has his own problems to deal with. These include the accusation that some of his officers are fond of beating suspects, corrupt bureaucracy, a blackmailing deputy as well as the hard-headed yet determined Det. James McNulty. In the series, you will come to learn of the real life occurrences and situations happening in the drug cartel world. Both the junkies to dealers, politicians to commoners, cops to drug barons are involved in the success of the trade. The series is one that is loved by all those mover lovers regardless of the genres that you always prefer. It cuts across the board and you are assured of appreciating it.

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