Are you an aspiring basketball player? Want to translate your dream of being the simplest basketball player into reality? Then all you have to shed some sweat and undergo a laborious training. Apply with perfection and play strong.

To be the simplest basketball player, you need to work on achieving some skills like ball handling, rebounding, stealing the ball, setting picks and screens, defense,  boxing out, keeping the post, passing, blocking shots, foot-work,and more.

However, if you wish to step into the next level of competition, you need to hone out your skills. Pump up some muscles and do some leg exercise. William Schoellkopf III, a basketball player from Miami, Florida advises to spend more on quality practice than indulging in quantity practice.

Consider these nice follow tips to become more agile and dynamic on the field.

One-Spot Shooting:

Keep practicing shooting from one spot until you hit 90% of your shots. Then move to a new spot and do it again.This way you can master the skill of hitting shots at incredible accuracy from anywhere on the court. Apply lay-ups, jump shots, fade away jumpers, hook shots and standing shots with every hand. A few more things you need to be expert at such as dribbling, faking a shot, and lot other.

One-hand Dribbling:

Seeing one dribbling using one hand is really a great treat to eyes.Move your legs around and behind your back, forwards and backwards, over your shoulder. Negotiate with high powerful bounces and low fast bounces.All you need to do is to practice hard.


To be successful in this sport, you need to spend much of time on jumping a lot. Apply yourself. Try some plyometrics. You muscles will exert maximum force in short interval. Do it repeatedly from one spot bend all the way down to your jumping angle.

Squats and Leg Presses:

Well, basketball requires lots of leg work. You need to apply your legs while trying to jump higher or hold the post, set higher picks and screens. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself to raise 2-3 times your body weight for squats and a minimum of double for your leg press. This is really strenuous. But doing so, you can gain tremendous strength, which can upgrade your game quickly.

Upper Body Press and Pulls:

Don’t ignore your upper body. William Schoellkopf III also advises to indulge in more on quick hands drills which  help isolate your hand and arm movement to strive for quickest bat speed to the ball while staying balanced. The more you practice, the better you get along with dribbling and additional steals and blocked shots. Do some push-ups, chin ups to extend your hand speed. Indulge in some shoulder presses, shadow boxing and handstands. Do these all as advised and feel the difference.


Spend sometime on sprinting training as it helps you build and define the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.This kind of intense exercise can increase your HGH (Human Growth Hormone). The more you indulge in such extreme exercises, the faster and stronger you will get. Gradually, you will have larger muscles required to enhance your basketball skills to a higher level.

William Schoellkopf III is a one of the most celebrated athletes from Miami, Florida, 35 who is a professional basketball player and a writer. In his recent write-up he talks about the way to become a successful basketball player.