Theology is the study of God, trust, morality, and the experience of religiousness. It is one of the most traditional and sacred studies which you can take. It is offered typically in private organizations. Of course, these days, theology has grown into a more contemporary study. Now, it can be taken up online or at evening courses or Bible Colleges. In fact there are several ways available to get a great theological education.

David Turlington, an expert in theology says that he has grown up in a very orthodox Christian family. His parents are both fervent Christians, and every Sunday they take David to church. As David grew up, he came to understand his personal faith and belief in God. David says that theology is a captivating field that entices students for various reasons. Students who are attracted to theology enjoy learning and the challenge of critical thinking. A degree in theology also unlocks a number of both worldly and spiritual careers.

Whether debating matters in religious morals, judgmentally scrutinizing opinions for God’s actuality, or anticipating a long-lasting abstract discussion, the contemporary students find that the advantages of learning theology spread well outside simple job prospects.

  • Students are attracted to theology for the prospects it brings and to study further about their individual or other spiritual customs.
  • Students are drawn to theology to learn about the cultural influences and religious issues.
  • It is perfect for those students who love to read religious texts in the free time.

A Christian should study theology because of the following reasons:

  • The entire thing in this world is theological: Possibly the most elementary, but not always apparent, reason for studying theology comes to the statistic that entire thing is theological. The whole thing comes down to in what way an individual answers the question of God.
  1. Is there an existence of God?
  2. In case He exists, who is He and what is He like?
  3. In what way are the individuals to reply to Him?
  4. In what way does God want people to treat His making and other individuals?
  • To protect the faith and safeguard against false teaching: It is important to know the truth in order to defend the truth claims.
  • A Christian should study theology as it is a means of worshipping
  • For people who believe that their believes and trusts affect the actions
  • To understand what you have faith in and why you have faith in it

David Turlington says that studying theology depends on the interests and objectives of one person, but studying theology is a worthy choice for people with an amazingly wide range of interests. Even students with curiosity in careers outside of religion can benefit hugely from a theological education. Students often in specific find that a degree in theological studies can actually increase their job opportunities.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that theology is a subject which includes the study of religious thought and traditions.