This is the perfect villa to stay and you are sufficed with all the best of things within the villa setting. You have more than fifty villas at the place and you can make a selection based on the sort of necessity you have. In fact, you have all the stunning residences to match with your requirements and these are perfect grounds for residing to help you stay at your best. You have all one bedroom and six bedroom villas and an accommodation in any one of them is sure to help you feel on top of the world. These re rental villas and so you can easily stay in any one of them as long as you desire.

The Special Vilas at Lombok

This is the best place to avail for Lombok villa rental. At the villas you have the self catering and the kind of private chef and he would be the best man catering to all your eating necessities. At the villas you even have private pool and shared pool provisions and the villas are located in places like Kuta, Gili Trawangan, Senggigi and variety of other destinations. It is real pleasure to stay at any one of them and have a passionate time pass.

The Special and The Spectacular Range Of Lombok Villas For You

The Popular Destination of the Villas

Among the several specialties you have the Villa Batoer. This is the villa you can rent at South of Lombok. This is a two bedroom villa and inside you have all the necessary prerequisites for the most comfy stay at the place. The villa is there just at the core area of Kuta. Just a short drive from the villa will take you to the nearest beach, bars and restaurants. From the place you can well explore the beauty of South Lombok. It is a great destination where you have all the good things under one roof.

The Specialty of Malimbu Cliff Villa

Then you have Malimbu Cliff Villa. This is once again an exquisite four bedroom villa. You would love to be among the luxuries of the place. The villa is close to the Malimbu Beach and this helps you to spend the entire day at the sea side. The ambiance of the place is great and this is just way beyond the happening and the busy tourist locations. The villa has been constructed in a way that you can enjoy the ocean views sitting in the comfort of your room.

Staying at the Nice Villa Orchid

Here you have the popular and the most well decked Villa Orchid. This is once again a fabulous three bedroom villa and you would find the place at the coastal area of Lombok. The island is exquisite and you have all the stunning beaches to loiter. You even have the best of restaurants and bars and the location in great just at the back of the tennis court. You even have the exciting Club House where you can spend the day with fun and excitement. There are more things in offer and this is the reason the villa is just more than what you can expect. Here lies the essence of perfect Lombok villa rental.