As of 2018, Americans have more credit card and student loan debt than ever before. And what’s worse, is that central bankers and economists are expecting interest rates to rise three times during 2018 on credit cards, mortgage rates, and student loans. Today, we are about to reveal the secret to eliminating credit card and student loan interest rates – eliminating 100% of your interest!

First; let’s look at the problem that consumers face … they access to credit, and they start spending.

The problem occurs after their balances rise to a point where their monthly payment is no longer affordable.

Now a person is stuck, struggling to make minimum monthly payments on credit cards and getting nowhere due to high interest.

Students attempt to go to college and better themselves, jumping on the opportunity to get a federal student loan, but then later in life realizing that “college wasn’t all that they anticipated it to be”– and now they’re jobless and buried in student loans.

Then some type of financial hardship occurs or the central bankers increase interest rates and bang – more consumers fall behind on their monthly payments.

Secret #1

A credit card debt calculator educates you on how to get out of credit card debt fast and on how to save money in interest.

You can plug in your current payment towards your credit cards and student loans, and see the truth–at that rate how long it will take to become debt free and how much you will pay in interest … an eye-opening experience!

Calculators don’t lie!

When using a debt calculator, play with the figures and find a plan that’s affordable and one that gets you out of debt in the time-frame that you desire.

Golden Financial Services offers an easy to use national debt calculator tool–give it a shot!

Secret #2

The government offers student loan relief programs that are free and can even lower your monthly payment to zero dollars per month. The secret is to consolidate your student loans and get on an income-driven repayment plan that offers loan forgiveness. Then each year, simply recertify for that same low monthly payment, and within 10 – 25 years you will be eligible for loan forgiveness where your remaining balance is completely forgiven. In the end, you will end up paying less than your full balance owed, and $0 in interest.

Over the years, interest will continue growing, but again the trick is to keep your payment as low as possible so that you never end up paying even the full amount owed.

Most students’ are unaware of how easy it is to consolidate their student loans and get student loan forgiveness. Thanks to technology, it’s really easy. Just go to StudentLoans.Gov and click on “consolidate”! Step by step instructions are provided in the infographic!

Before you consolidate, your first step is to get an estimate of what your monthly payment could be after consolidating.

Your monthly payment after consolidating is primarily based on your family size and income, so be sure to include anyone living in your household that you at least partially support and any unborn children. The larger your family size, the smaller your new payment will be.

Visit the StudentLoans.Gov payment estimator tool here. Just plug in your details and hit submit. You will see all of your student loan relief options, illustrated on one page.

Paul Paquin is the CEO at Golden Financial Services and the author of the book called “The Debt Consolidation Guide to Pay Off Credit Card Debt. Paul is IAPDA Certified and Accredited by the Association for Student Loan Relief (AFSLR).