The production designer is a person who assists the director and the producer of a film. These designers also assist the directors of the commercial advertisement and helps in making a script visually alive. The job of a production designer is to coordinate with all the departments except the art department.

If you are interested to get some more details about the roles and responsibilities of a production designer then you can go through the detailed discussion given below:

  • The production designer first of all reviews the script and after doing so he consults with the director, the producer and others and then determines the visual elements that are required to bring a particular story alive. The production designer along with his research team locates and designs the various sources like the books, the paintings and the photos and then with the help of these sources he creates models and sketches and these elements determine the visual elements of a particular movie.
  • There are a number of people who work under a production house and the set designers, the set decorators, the costume designers, the construction coordinators and the prop masters work together to ensure a successful film. The production designer makes use of the models and the sketches and then designs a perfect mood, time period and color scheme of a particular movie. A reputed production designer like that of David Berkowitz Chicago  also monitors and guides the other people of the production team and ensures that they are able to give a proper visual look to a particular movie.
  • There are also a number of management and administrative duties performed by a production designer. The initial art budget estimates and the work schedule are all determined by him. In case some problem arises then he also makes the necessary adjustments and makes changes in the design plan. At the time of principal photography the production designer is the one who approves of the location and the finished set the day prior to the shooting. On the day of the shooting, in case the director needs some changes to be made to the shooting set or the location then the production designer is the one who makes such changes.
  • Apart from the duties mentioned above the production designer also takes care of the special effects, the digital visual effects, the lightening and the sound of a particular production house. He is the one to make the necessary changes in the lightening equipment and the micro phonic placements in order to maximize the effectiveness of these products. He also provides proper guidance to the artists who create visual effect and helps them in creating the computer generated elements to blend with the cinematographic elements and production.

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