The Productivity of CBD Lotion for Pain Relief

The Productivity of CBD Lotion for Pain Relief

People nearly all over the world feel muscle pain which is either acute or chronic. An acute pain usually lasts for a few moments or a day or two and is easily cured by taking proper medicines. The chronic pain though lasts for one to six months in which a person feels aggravating pain that is only temporarily relieved by medicines and requires a surgical procedure to completely be relieved from the pain.

The most common treatment for chronic pain is medicines and some medical drugs which sedate and soothes the muscles. However, not every human being comfortable in taking strong medicines as it dulls and slows down their body reflexes. Many people look for alternative remedies for their chronic pains other than medications and surgical procedures, and the best alternative includes regular physical therapy. There are numerous methods which are part of physical therapy such as different kinds of massage, spa treatments and use of essential oils.

Essential oils are made from natural sources which include plant leaves, petals, stem, and roots. There are numerous kinds of essential oils, and each has unique benefits. Studies show that oils are beneficial to treat symptoms of various ailments such as:

The oils are not expensive to buy and can be administered by the person alone or with the help of his/her family member. Lavender, rose oil and Bergamot are some of the famous essential oils. Apart from essential another type of oil that is quickly becoming popular in reducing chronic pain is ‘CBD oil’.

CBD is an abbreviated form of Cannabidiol which is derived cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD oil contains phytonutrients and flavonoids which has significant health and nutritional benefits.

Cannabidiol is also used in creams and lotions which people can apply on their body for relief. CBD is known to provide relief to many pain and ailments such as lower back pain, arthritis, anxiety, neurological damage after a stroke, and other skin conditions.

CBD lotion is made from natural hemp extract which has all the properties of phytonutrients and cannabinoids needed to relieve the chronic pains effectively. The lotion should be applied to the part of the body or skin which feels the most pain and should be gently rubbed. The CBD lotion absorbs into the skin and relaxes the muscles. The lotion also a pleasing fragrance not like balms which have a distasteful smell.

The CBD lotion is prepared by mixing high-quality hemp extract in either coconut or olive oil; then the mixture is blended by different herbs and essential oils which add additional pain-relieving properties. The lotion easily absorbs into the skin and comes in contact with the cells that respond and help in reducing the pain. The benefits of CBD lotion includes treating arthritis pain, multiple sclerosis, back pains, headache and anxiety.

Author Bio:

Sarah Andrews is a practising dermatologist who also educates her patients on upcoming treatments and remedies for their chronic ailments. She has said that CBD lotion for pain relief is one of the best remedies which is natural and without any adverse effects. People can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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