The OLED TVs Are Here!

The OLED TVs Are Here!

You would have heard of plasma, LCD and then the LEDs. Now there is a new technology that promises to take the TV industry by storm, just like the former technologies. This technology is the Organic Light-Emitting Diode – the OLED. This amazing technology makes use of the organic semiconductors rather than the conventional semiconductor compounds that are currently being used.

Some of the amazing used for these OLED is the displays of flat screen TVs. There are several positive traits of OLED TV which promise to change the way we consider our TVs. Some of the advantages of having OLEDs over LCD include:

As it is with the latest technology there are some tradeoffs and then some drawbacks too, which are:

OLEDs are now available and are quite expensive. So even though the future for these machines look bright, it will perhaps be quite some time before we get to enjoy it’s amazing benefits.

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