The idea of web conferencing albeit new, had a steady demand by users since inception. With borders and barriers breaking down with the globalization of commerce, web conferencing rose to its eminence in a short span of time. The Microsoft office 365 suite provides web conferencing through its skype for business product.

Skype product line for business has held together the core of office 365 by integrating among itself a whole range of services including web conferencing, video calls, virtual meetings, free calls etc. These features are hoisted in the office 365 cloud environment. The main advantage of hoisting the whole product line over the cloud is to provide seamless integration and access to all the available top of the art technologies are just a fraction of a cost or no extra cost at all. There are many products in the market that provide web conferencing tools, so it only make sense for Microsoft to include this feature in its own product line and under its cloud offering.

Web conferencing is a simple approach to holding virtual meeting or discussion over video through skype for business. Skype for business is the new version of Microsoft lync. Among its best features include easy and user friendly design and a quality that makes virtual experience as good as real. Web conferencing makes time management and setting up issues so much easier at no cost at all. Look here at Skype for Business Pricing.

Some of the features of web conferencing in office 365

  • Presenter- This feature in web conferencing gives a role playing option by a presenter who initiates the meeting. The presenter decides who takes over the discussion and can transfer options and controls. The presenter can direct the whole meeting through his controls and can share documents and dashboards and videos as and when required.
  • Participants- This is the people who joined the conference as a member and they have equally direct control over sharing indicators and videos and even charts and graphs making the meeting a livelier experience.
  • Formats- Microsoft has expanded its video and audio format compatibility to make it easier with more and more available playback formats in the business.
  • Security- Microsoft is one step ahead in giving the best security protection under its certifications and credentials. Encryption is a part of ensuring protection against data loss and theft.
  • Manuals- Apart from being user friendly, Microsoft provides robust user manuals and FAQs and tutorials for all its products line to make the experience pleasing and hassle free. Apart from that you also have discussion forums and chats.
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  • Mobile- Web conferencing in office 365 seamlessly works with outlook, PowerPoint and excel along with mobile platform device such as android and iphone.

Advantages of web conferencing in office 365

  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • The communication is real-time with participants across locations
  • It is considered better options than emailing or chats
  • Reports , videos and dashboards can be shared
  • It reduces time and money involved in real time scenarios
  • Fast , reliable and best quality video with many format support

Imagine the benefits of Web conferencing in office 365 package which integrates with many other business software. The hosting over cloud makes it an all in one package for your business needs. Greater demand over web conferencing has required of bigger challenges and competition from service providers, and Microsoft office 365 has come a clear winner in most of the aspects. Besides the integration of web conferencing with other product line of office 365 such as skype for business, live meeting or video conferencing makes it a much complete tool for different business demand under different environment. People look forward to be connected everywhere even when on flights or in airport or on vacations. Seamless integration with mobile and desktop environment is a basic need of today’s changing generation. If any one single product can deliver the expectations of business today, Microsoft office 365 maybe a close call. There are more to office 365. Log on to and experience the difference first hand.