The Need For Dust Control

The Need For Dust ControlWhether you’re a professional or a do it yourself home remodeler, dust is a common problem that occurs on almost every jobs. Professional remodelers know that clean up takes time, but not cleaning the area after you’re finished deteriorates your relationships and you have high chances of losing your clients. Do-it-yourselfers can see the face of their spouse when they mention another project. Clean up is more than just cleaning the area; it means eradicating dust that flies all over the house.

There are steps to consider by which you can easily reduce the amount of dust and therefore the time it takes to clean up the area. One of these is plastic, tape, staples and 2 by 4’s. Normally putting up this type of hurdle is not a one-man job, if you do it alone it takes time, lots and lots of wasted time. The professional knows how meaningful dust free construction is to the homeowner, so they take the time for two or more men to install the barrier. Most home do-it-yourselfers don’t really bother, so commonly projects create weeks of clean up as the dust settles throughout the house.

Now, there’s a product, which can be installed very easily at the jobsite and it helps blocking the dust from leaving the area. Zip wall dust control systems encompass telescoping poles, plastic gripping heads with pads to provide the safety of sealing, skid free discs for under the poles, locks to seal the side and best of all, zippers. That’s right, zippers. Getting in and out of a work area that’s taped up normally means you have to overlap some of the plastic and form a loose seal at the doors, which allows the dust to release to other parts of the house. The Zip wall system allows you to keep the seal tight, even suck the dust out as you work by putting the hose of an operating vacuum under the plastic and not have one bit of dust go to another area of the house. The professional looking enclosed area and the dust free job site is enough to get the highest praise from even your fussy client.

Dust suppression products will prevent the dust but drywall dust comes out of the carpet every now and then, so you need to lay a drop cloth all over the room. What if the job goes to a second floor? The drop cloth is hazardous on steps no matter how you tape it, lay boards or make adjustments. There is a product that is totally devoted to the steps, rolls onto the carpet or flooring and creates a secure working environment. Best of all, there’s no chaotic residue left behind once it’s removed. You simply roll it up and throw it away, with the dust and dirt still on top. It protects the carpet from hard to remove construction dust and saves hours of cleaning.

BioxInternational provides the dust control services as per the market standards.

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