We all have our favourite types of technology that helps make our lives ten times easier. There are some things that we just couldn’t live without and other things that are just gimmicks. But honestly, sometimes technology appears out of nowhere that makes us question who on earth ever thought of it in the first place. Things like radio ducks for bath time and smartwatches just aren’t useful in the long run…But that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t mind buying them just for the lols. Here are the biggest technology fails in 2019 that we still really want to buy for ourselves.

1. A Smart Hairbrush

Welcome to the world of the future where you can use a hairbrush that actually listens to your hair. Well, unless you’re one of the hottest & most professional escorts in Warrington, where a bad hair day could mean life or death for a business, this product is entirely useless. No, it doesn’t heat up to help your hair dry. No, it doesn’t play music so you can relax as you brush your hair. Instead, it actually listens to your hair. It vibrates when it senses split ends so that you know when you need to stop brushing. Overall, this product is utterly useless but at the same time, it’s something that most people would buy out of pure curiosity. It’s a buy & one try sort of deal, so try to avoid this product if you end up seeing it on the shelves of your local store. It’s completely pointless.

2. The Wearable PC

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a moveable computer? I’m not just talking about a laptop. I literally mean a computer system that you could wear on your head and have it travel around with you. Not only does it look stupid, a silver headband with an eye system combined with a large hand and wrist controls, but it can’t even handle the rain. So, unless you are going to a fancy dress party as a cyborg, this product is entirely useless. It is expensive, bad and ugly. There’s not much else to say about it!

3. Voice Assisted Bed

Alexa voice control is extremely useful when it comes to organising our day. However, another useless item that has come out of 2019 is the bed with an Alexa voice control. However, this doesn’t control the bed. It only controls your home’s smart features, such as speakers and smart lights. This isn’t super helpful but at least it can turn your lights on in the morning. Though if you are that lazy that you can’t get out of bed to do that, then…Well…Oh dear. You may need to rethink things over, or at least get a light switch that is closer to your bed.

4. Self- driving suitcase

Do you want to feel like you’re always walking with a petulant toddler behind you? Well, why not invest in a self-driving suitcase? This machine has a self-balance and auto-follow function, meaning that you don’t even need to hold it. The AI system will simply follow you around. There may even be a function with it that has facial recognition. That means when you get to the luggage belt, your suitcase may see you before it sees anyone else. Doesn’t that sound fun? Just make sure that you learn actually how to use it. The last thing you want to do is literally lose your suitcase because it has a mind of its own.

5. Intelligent Toilet

When it comes to our bathroom time, sometimes we just want to have a private moment to ourselves. Well, why not destroy that time by installing an intelligent toilet? This toilet can offer you a heated seat, extreme water efficiently, personalised cleansing and dryer functions (if you don’t mind holding your hands over the toilet) and even have to surround sound speakers where you can play your music. It’s perfect if you feel self-conscious about the sounds of your private time. But also, if you want something pretty to go along with it. This toilet even has a coloured light system that you can turn on if you want a pretty light show. Fun but useless at the same time!

What do you think of our list?

A lot of the products on this list do some quite fun in the short-term but they’re the sort of things that you would grow bored with extremely quickly. It’s best to not spend your money on useless things that you are going to forget about in a few weeks. Instead, make sure the technology you invest in can actually help you. That way you will always get your money’s worth out of it.

Have fun shopping!