In ancient Suman Er, man is almost all been male beauty; the men of Babylon, from ear to leave sharp knife like beard; And people are like o silesia o keep long beard. In ancient Egypt, beard was viewed as the symbol of the power and majesty, and only the king to leave square must, general subjects can shave beard, otherwise they will be committed the crime on jun. The Persian king beard and a gold, even in gold thread weaving it, as the same sacred crown.

In the era of the great tsar, who was banned from XuXu noble, and regulations, the man with the beard through the gate must pay taxes. Many noble men for his own beard rather than tax also are not willing to clean-shaven to go out.

In some parts of the ancient times, the people who look better than the life also beard important. For example, in ancient Greece, forcing a man to shave beard, this is his biggest insult; In ancient Arab region, if one country shaved beard of angel to insult, will cause the two countries don’t even a war.

The beard is the man’s a hair, the male hormone testosterone by the role and the growth, is the important symbol human gender sign one. The man from the beginning to 20 years development, around the lips soft nap became real beard, the beard every day about growth 0.4 mm, long can and abdomen.

The Majesty and Trouble Of The Beard

The beard is to be, I been collectively. Usually the lips of black beard for above, below shall be for, two buccal for fine beard. Beard said the beard, it is the sign of the men, but also often used to refer to the man, such as “women just as well as”, “man” is using the beard and eyebrows for males, but also have a few female endocrine disorders because grow some pastel, but don’t worry, this kind of phenomenon is in after careful tone will gradually disappear.

Since human evolution, primate’s physical body hair has large area of dense off. But still no beard from men face is, obviously, it has the word of existence. Some think the beard symbolizes the majesty of the men and sex appeal, but a beard also can have a lot of trouble. The hard to avoid bushy beard with some food particles and dust, still can give a bacteria to provide a shelter places. People in the breath from many harmful substances and the air DuoZhong metal particles, benzene, roasted material easily be beard adsorption, and be inhaled air back to the body, is not conducive to people’s health.

But now a day’s lots of great beard oil beard care products like Lumberjack’s Beard Oil, beard conditioner and beard shampoo are available in the market and online that has made the life of bearded people’s life comfortable.

The man with the beard man old and turned white, records of the people of the growth and life experience. From young when just long out of the first hint of beard, and proud, too, to first love will face for the beard clean-shaven, then to through the years after of mature, and soon after, “must be as snow” helpless and release however, most probably is these every man must go through the process.