There is no denying the fact that the Maharaja Express is indeed a luxury palace on wheels. When you have been able to book yourself a holiday on this grand train you can be sure that you will never forget the memories you make on your journey. The Maharaja Express offers its guests an unforgettable experience not only because of the amazing hospitality that this train provides, but also because of their choice of destinations and the manner in which the tours are organized and executed. The main idea is to make sure that guests receive royal treatment as they tour through the country. This is why the accommodations and amenities which you can enjoy on board this train make you feel like you are staying in a luxury palace on wheels.

The Maharaja Express Is A Luxury Palace On Wheels

Why is the Maharaja Express Described as a Luxury Palace on Wheels?

The very fact that the Maharaja Express has been awarded the best luxury train in the world four times in a row tells you why travelling in it is like being inside a luxury palace on wheels. The accommodations which you will be provided with are spacious and decorated with the art and décor reminiscent of the bygone eras. Each of the cabins is large with ample space for you to enjoy a luxurious stay.

The cabins have large panoramic windows which allow you to enjoy the breathtaking view outside. There are as many as 5 saloons for the guests with 4 deluxe cabins in each of them. There are also 6 other saloons that have 3 Junior Suites in each. Besides, there are two more saloons having twin suites and one big saloon which is the grand Presidential Suite. All these accommodations are not only luxurious in décor; they are also fitted with all modern amenities which guests may need, like Wi-Fi connectivity, air-conditioning, LCD televisions and DVD players.

Another reason why the train maharajas has been rightly called a luxury palace on wheels is because of the fine dining experience it offers its guests. You can eat at their two famous dining restaurants which offer a variety of cuisines prepared by world class chefs. You will also be treated to a fantastic collection of wines and spirits in their well-stocked bar and lounge facilities. Besides, there are other entertainment centers for the tourists like indoor game centers, library, spas and even boutique shops.

Apart from looking after your comfort on board, the Maharaja Express also makes sure that you are absolutely well cared for even during the day tours you take. So, it organizes these sightseeing tours for you with proper guides and makes all travel arrangements for you. You will be treated to dinners and lunches with descendants of some of the Indian royal families in a few of the destinations that these tours cover. You will also be provided with a personal butler from the moment you step inside the luxury train. He will be there to take care of all your worries and interests.

These are some of the reasons why it is indeed justified to describe the Maharaja Express as a luxury palace on wheels. It is perhaps the best way to explore a country like India with its varied landscapes and cultures. Train journeys are always better when it comes to actually discovering a country because it takes you through the rural areas that you cannot get to see if you are traveling to places by flights. And when it comes to train journeys, there is no better choice than the Maharaja Express.