The Long Term Success Of Bariatric Surgery Depends On Patients

Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery works well for some people who are obese and want to get rid of it permanently. But it does not apply for all obese people. The selection and suitability for surgery depends on the clinical condition of obesity that has to be determined by specialists. Obesity can affect people in many ways. It results in low self esteem among people who find themselves shaped awkwardly. Obese people can also suffer from depression. But the biggest threat is from some diseases like diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease and stroke that occur from obesity. The surgery is important not only because it can eradicate obesity but it can uproot the cause of the dreaded diseases that accompany it.

Take a Conscious Decision

If you wish to have weight loss surgery then you have to be prepared for it. You should have clear understanding about the surgery and the procedure that is going to be performed. There are many surgical procedures in bariatric surgery and the surgeon has to decide which one is best for you. It will also depend on the budget that you have decided. Awareness is so important for the surgery that educating patients is part of the surgeon’s responsibility prior to the surgery. All the risks and benefits of surgery and the long term commitment that is necessary for follow up treatment are explained to patients.  They are told about the changes of eating habits post surgery and the changes in lifestyle that have to be undertaken. It is only with the patient’s consent that the surgery is undertaken.

Effects on the Body

How does the surgery affect the functioning and metabolism of the body?  This can be understood from the way the surgery impacts the body. The primary reason of obesity is excessive intake of calories or less burning of calories. Bariatric surgery addresses this issue in the following manner.

Despite the differences in the surgical methods the goal of all surgeries is to reduce the calories that actually pass on to the body.

 The success of the surgery and its outcome depends a lot on patients. Having a clear understanding about what is going to happen and how it can be sustained is essential. They have to be highly motivated and be committed to follow the instructions of the specialists even after surgery. How much of effort they put into sustaining the good effects of surgery that actually determines its long lasting.

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