The Light Of Hope For The Troubled Minds

The Light Of Hope For The Troubled Minds

The omnipresent and omniscient Lord’s love is boundless and unending. He treats everyone equally and his love for everyone is equal. A child who is poor, homeless and without food is as much cared and loved by the Lord as is a properly well-fed human being. But it is a very big responsibility of the well-established and well-fed people to help a poor child get his day to day meal.

There are many distant villages in various corners of the globe like in certain developing and remote areas of Asia that are under water or got hit by earthquakes, flood, landslides, Tsunami and other natural disasters. While they might get food, medical assistance and flood relief funds during the calamity, but the future steps are generally never thought of by anyone of ensuring that these homeless and displaced or jobless people get something to earn their livelihood. That is where the missionary organizations like Gospel for Asia seeks in and while providing relief from such natural calamities is what they do on daily basis, they also work towards various other significant and compassionate areas.

Working for the Betterment of Society as a whole:

In various Asian countries, children and women from the poorest regions are trafficked almost every day and though these unfortunate incidences never make to the front page of the daily newspaper, these sad and unfortunate happenings just reflect the sad state of affairs. Hardly much is done for the rescued children or women. Society might forsake them or abandon them and they might have to rot meaninglessly in juvenile centers and women’s rescue home. Instead, Gospel for Asia has volunteers and teams working with these human trafficked and rescued women and children and in a mission to reshape their lives, they are usually given proper education, guidance and training on working with sewing machines and even take up some work that can bring them some meals daily.

 Building Future by Helping Communities:

If a family is helped or saved to make their new life chapters and beginnings, the process of helping a community begins. Whether it is by raising a child or by learning ways to run a sewing machine, the possibilities of earning increases. Similarly, the rescued trafficked women and the lepers, and other weaker people of the society, like an abandoned girl child or the widows, and those women who were called witches by some superstitious beliefs, all shall get the help from this NGO, Gospel for Asia. Helping these abandoned people to realize the Message of God is what is done by the volunteers and missionaries working for the organization.

Whether it is spreading the teachings of Christ by doing compassionate and humanitarian activities in the backward villages, or by spreading love, care and warmth and even by helping people restructure their lives, the Gospel for Asia has undergone huge developmental changes under the guidance of the founder, K.P. Yohannan. The NGO has got Missionary college graduates who know that their aim and mission in life is to help by spreading love and message of the Christ to places where they are not even aware.

Today, several regions in South Asian countries have found that there is love, peace and warmth in listening to the words of Holy Gospel and learning about the sacrifices that the Lord had made for the world.

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