Since the last few years, the mobile technology is growing quite a fast rate. You may be eager to know what newest features are ready for your next cell phone. Here we list out the most advanced mobile phone technologies that make mobile phones even easier to interact, do business and shop on the go!

WiFi Technology

WiFi phones have changed the way a carrier operates mobile phone signals for you. Though modern phones still have a carrier, you can connect them to home or office WiFi networks. You are saved from other charges! Moreover, some phones work fully on WiFi VoIP networks and completely save you from a typical mobile carrier.

Mobile Augmented Reality

Tech savvies are looking for an all-in-one device that can manage their communication and entertainment needs. Phones like iPhone have increased the desire for ‘mobile augmented reality’ which will incorporate internet, GPS and accelerometers to place digital information on top of the real world. Techies are enthusiastic to see this kind of phones in the market.

The Latest Mobile Phone Technologies

Mobile Payment

You can now pay your monthly utility bills and other payments without stepping out home. Mobile phones are electronically connected to popular payment gateways like PayPal and do payments for you. To send a courier, you don’t need to take any effort more! Just call courierpoint and sign off your goods to us!

Open Source Cell Phones

Open source mobile technology will be a revolution in the Smartphone niche. This technology will accomplish many services at a fraction of the cost. Gigantic developers such as Google and Yahoo are creating mobile software to be used on all cell phones. Hence, such phones will offer more advanced features, great compatibility and lower costs with more marketplace options.

Tactile Feedback

The huge hit that Apple iPhone has made actually further enhanced the demand for touch screen mobile phones. Still there are people who want the real buttons on their mobile device like the Blackberry. Well, physical buttons give better feedback and facilitate natural typing. The anticipated technology is expected to provide best of both worlds by having a touch screen that feels and works when you type. Phone developers will explore the technology and get more developed phones to the market soon.

Mobile phone technology is growing at a rapid speed, there is nothing to amaze if you find some of these features in your device soon.