The Intricate World Of Wooden Hangers

For most of your life you might have taken clothes hangers for granted, especially when you were young. There were probably times, though, when you noticed a hanger, but that was usually when something went wrong. You might have gone to hang up a winter coat and the flimsy hanger wouldn’t support the coat. Or you might have had a hanger break while you were taking your coat from it. If you had used wooden coat hangers that were sturdy and solid this never would have happened. Now that you have your own place you might be more inclined to give more thought to what kind of hanger would work best. Hangers come in all shapes and sizes, and, like anything else, it pays to spend some time on your selection. Here are a few options to consider when looking at wooden hangers.

In Stock Wood

In stock wood hangers mean that they are on hand at all times and are the fastest to be made available. They come in a variety of designs and colors and generally feature silver chrome hooks and are made of a nonslip material. The wooden clothes hangersare suitable for all manner of garments, including coats, suits, shirts, dresses, skirts and pants. Colors that are available range from cherry to mahogany to blonde to black and several others. The choices of design elements in the hangers include having notches, having differing thicknesses of wood, and having a concave shape.They also come in a variety of pricing options.

Semi Custom Wood

Semi Custom wooden coat hangers allow you to put your own stamp on the design of the hangers. You can select a particular hook color, add bars or clips to the hanger, or even put a logo of your own design on each hanger. These hangers can also come in a wide choice of colors, including dark walnut, matte black or plain sanded. Some come in an ultra-thin wood design with notches and the ability to choose the hook color as well as add clips or a bar. The bar can be especially suitable for wooden pant hangers. The sizes of the hangers come as small as 11.5” and as large as 19”. A further level of personalizing your hangers is to have them decorated with your own logos. Custom logos can be applied through pad printing, hot stamp or laser etching.

 Custom Wood

The highest level of personalization of your hangers is to have them customized by working with a design team. In this scenario, you would have all the options of the above, as well as a few other choices. You would be able to choose a custom finish, pick from a variety of sizes, add clips or bars, and apply your own logos. Delivery would take a bit longer and pricing would depend on the options you choose.

Wooden coat hangers come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes for all of your garment needs. They can be selected for the home and for displays in business. In many cases, you can work with a design team to show you what is available.

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