The inspiring teacher in the teaching-learning process

The teachers who sow optimism and enthusiasm in the classroom, thrills, collects the best fruits represented in motivated, participatory and involved students in their own learning process. An ideal teacher must be able to inspire and share experiences with the students of the 21st century, from the same perspective in which they wish to learn. Creating through the tools that ICT offers, also allow to be an Inspiring Teacher.

Inspiration is similar to breathing. Breathing is filling the lungs with air without the need for great efforts. To inspire oneself is to let the ideas flow, to open the necessary spaces to create.

The teacher who inspires must do what is possible and use valuable inspirational quotes because the student develops skills, participates in their own learning, builds confidence, and discovers themselves. So, it would be giving credit when they say that inspiration comes from the inside, from the heart, from the soul.

Today the technology of information and communication allows sharing many tools to mediate learning, generate, create, innovate, analyze, solve in the best way, propose solutions to common problems from the classroom.

In this way, using wallpapers with inspirational quotes is a great tool to motivate the student to work on their challenges, connect with others and take advantage of joint talents to reach moments of innovation, propose changes, and improve ways of learning.

Sharing inspirational quotes is a way to inspire, as a tool can be used to share with students and allow them to approach new projects that make learning a real, expectant moment, where imagination makes numbers flights.

From that cluster of ideas, inspiration is related to art and education is an art of the most complex and beautiful that exist. An inspiring teacher creates each day a work of art with each of their students when they respond to their own expectations.

To educate is to inspire and to educate you have to be inspired. The main objective of the teacher who inspires and teaches must be that the student learns, participates, able to self-educate with the teacher’s guidance, in this way, makes it possible with their actions that the students learn for themselves. To inspire you to have to be a good model.

The teacher who shows optimism and enthusiasm in the classroom, thrills, collects the best fruits represented in motivated, participatory and involved students in the teaching-learning process.

The inspiring teacher in the teaching-learning process guarantees success in the proposed objectives, for this it must take into account the need to know first the person and then the student, then the group, the environment where he performs his work, be flexible, never stop training, enjoy what you do, be optimistic and positive.

The work of the inspiring teacher must be mediated by ICT, to be at the forefront of the new times, making appropriate and rational use of the different tools offered by new technologies. In this way, students will be able to awaken the desire to learn, creativity, collaborative work, curiosity and also strengthen the skills of the teacher that inspires.


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