If you have ever visited a website which was difficult to navigate, contained paragraphs of text that were impossible to read or was blighted with irritating pop-ups, it is likely that you already understand the fundamental importance of a solid User Experience (UX).

The Importance Of UX For SEO

The ultimate success or failure of a website often rests on its UX. If you fail to provide your audience with the functionality they need to engage with your website in the ways they want to, they will take their custom elsewhere and locate a business that does demonstrate an inherent understanding of their specific preferences and requirements.

The Google Factor

Google’s main objective is to provide its users with the very best results to their search queries through its complex and intelligent search algorithms. Relevance and authority have long been two very important ranking factors, but Google has been investing in technologies to help refine search engine results even further.

The sophisticated capabilities of Google’s deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies now mean that the search engine also looks at engagement levels and page layouts when determining search rankings. Google has chosen to keep the precise number of ranking criteria to themselves, but they have given several hints that user-friendliness is crucial.

The Importance Of UX For SEO

Meet the Expectations of Your Audience

The online world moves quickly, and your audience wants to access the information they require as efficiently as possible. Every professional London SEO agency, such as https://www.elevateuk.com, understands that page loading times should be kept to a minimum and that an intuitive navigation system is crucial to providing a smooth and seamless customer journey.

A Considered, Aesthetically Pleasing Page Layout

It can often be tempting to place your focus entirely on the functionality of your website as a whole entity, but it is imperative to also afford the same consideration to each component. Every page should be both visually interesting and attractive, but without detracting from your content. Text should be presented in a font that is easy to read and contain carefully placed headings and subheadings.

Design for Your Audience

Optimising your website solely with search engines in mind should always be avoided. Instead, as they will ultimately decide whether the design of your website is a success, you should demonstrate that you understand what your audience wants to see.