Rats and mice always seem to find their way into the tightest spots in our homes, with an ability to squeeze through the smallest spaces and a powerful sense of smell at their disposal. However, these creatures are very dangerous to your health, and should therefore be removed as quickly as possible.

Rodents can contaminate anything they set foot on, by leaving behind their urine, feces, and even blood. If they find their way into your food storage, you can expect to find traces of hair and bodily oil from these pests. There are different kinds decontamination services available, and many of them specialize in the cleanup of rodent infestation.

Where to check for rodent and pest infestation

  • Cabinets where you store clothing, bedding and other laundry;
  • Underneath carpets and furniture;
  • Inside kitchen counters, especially under any sinks with a water supply;
  • Ventilation areas with broken air ducts.

Make sure that you check these areas thoroughly. Rodents are good at hiding in dark areas, and will try their best not to move when they detect light in the hope of not getting noticed. Whistling and making tapping sounds can unsettle them and cause them to move, making this a great tactic.

Cleaning rodents’ urine and feces

Although it can take a lot of patience, you can try to clean up after rodents yourself. You also have to make sure that you are well equipped for the task, since there are many health risks involved. Wear gloves, masks, and possibly glasses before you deal with the rodents’ droppings.

What to look for when cleaning up after rodents

  • Rodents urinate and leave droppings almost anywhere, both of which carry infectious viruses;
  • Dead rodents that have been decomposing for a while act as feeding grounds for insects and their larvae. These can also attract mold buildup, if the surrounding area has enough moisture;
  • Rodents that have been staying in a particular area for a long time tend to create nests, which will contain foods and other things that they’ve brought back to it. A nest will have a very high level of contamination, given the amount of time spent by the creatures in this area.

What do decontamination services do?

Rodent infestation cleanup and other decontamination services prioritize the prevention of any infestation in the future. They will attempt to get rid of any pre-existing conditions that might provide attractive for rodents, while getting rid of any rodents in your home as well. You can expect the cleanup professionals to get rid of all the feces and other contaminated dirt that rodents may have left in your home.

Decontamination services also offer continuous monitoring of the areas where they found rodent nests. Some rodents that may have been elsewhere during the cleanup might try to go back to their nest, and guarding against this occurrence is an essential stage of any decontamination process. Areas in your home such as the attic and the basement can also easily be forgotten, but a thorough decontamination professional will include these areas in their examination.