Have you ever wondered why some offices are arranged in the most fashionable way while others look cluttered and disorganized? Have you wondered why some companies spend millions on their designs and layout as much as they invest on their human resources? Probably not. Not many are aware of the importance of office ergonomics and its beneficial qualities. Office ergonomics refers to the science and study of fitting the workplace furniture and conditions to the capabilities of the working population. In simple terms, office ergonomics will help you to fit the design and layout of your office in a way to suit the abilities of your workers. This way, you will be able to increase the productivity of your employees and thereby the productivity of the company. Some managers think that investing their time and money on ergonomics is pointless. Here is why they are wrong.

The Importance Of Office Ergonomics


A company that arranges Brisbane office furniture according to the right ergonomics will definitely show higher productivity rates than its rivals. This is because the furniture you use can affect the way you work to a great extent. For example, if the chair you use is too high or too low, you will have an uncomfortable working position. This can decrease your energy and increase the time you spend on a simple project. When the ergonomics is disregarded, you will distract yourself from work with multiple coffee breaks and chatting sessions to keep you awake. On the other hand, if your office is arranged according to the right ergonomics, the productivity of the office will automatically increase since your performance rates will be maintained to a maximum level.


The health and safety of employees is one of the primary concerns of a manager. Offering the wrong ergonomics or insufficiently planned ergonomics can affect the workers’ health to a great degree. For instance, if your cabin has insufficient lighting, this can result in eye problems, neck strains and back problems. Although these might seem insignificant, they can deteriorate over time and affect your health severely. Simple furnishing mistakes can affect the body too. For example, if the table you use is too high, do not disregard it as insignificant.  A table that is too high can result in carpel tunnel syndrome. So, it is better to be careful about such side effects since they result in long-term consequences.

Stress The Importance Of Office Ergonomics

Unplanned office ergonomics results in stress – which is something that many workplaces are trying to avoid at all costs. Employees who are stressed usually have low physical and mental strength. This will not only affect the work that they do, but it also affects their general health as well. When you work in a congested and compressed environment, you can feel cramped and stiff. This can influence the way you position yourself and result in issues such as digestion problems and such. A company that follows the right ergonomics practice will not face such issues. It will have a stress-free environment in which the participants will feel, look and perform better. It will enable your body and mind to function properly.


As mentioned above, office ergonomics can increase productivity. When the productivity rates of a business increases, the output and the income of the business will also automatically increase. The developments in office furnishing can affect the abilities of all the employees in the workplace on equal levels. This effort put in by each employee will increase and contribute towards the company’s success. When the workplace is designed to fit the physical and mental wellness of the employees, not vice versa, the efficiency of the platform will definitely increase to a significant extent. Moreover, office ergonomics can increase revenue by decreasing certain organizational costs as well. For instance, by offering a safe workplace, the company can decrease the amount of money it spends on medical expenses.

As you can see, following the rules of ergonomics in an organization context can change the way you work. This is why it is important to implement this practice regardless of the time and money it can cost the company. Similar to many good things, office ergonomics will only affect the company’s performance after some time. Thus, you will have to patiently wait and keep in mind that the benefits you experience are worth it since they can be experienced for a long time.