Cleanliness is an important part of life, and a clean home and work environment is essential for a healthy life. A person makes all the effort to clean his house by either performing cleaning tasks by himself or employing the services of a maid. The cleaning of the house mostly depends on the size and nature of cleaning tasks. The commercial cleaning involves the proper maintenance and upkeep of a commercial place which can be an office, retail store, factory, warehouse, hotel, shopping mall, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and airports

The scope of cleaning tasks in a commercial location is quite extensive as compared residential cleaning. A neat and tidy workplace is necessary to not only maintain the ambiance of the office but improve the efficiency of the workforce and reduce the risk of any health concern. Some of the common reasons for effective commercial cleaning services Orange County are

  • It leads to better productivity. An organized and tidy workplace will always make the employees complete their time on time, which will automatically increase productivity. The employees would not have to spend even a few minutes arranging their desk or wiping their desks. The dirty and messy office is known to make feel employees uncomfortable which will affect their performance
  • The good health of the employees is ensured. The regular cleaning of floors, walls, windows and bathroom would eliminate the bacteria, germs and dust which can easily make the employees fall sick. The germs multiply and grow quickly in a place which is constantly in use. Proper cleaning ensures that all the germs and bacteria are wiped out
  • The cleaning tasks do not cost much, and commercial offices have the option to employ the cleaning service either for daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the size of their office and type of products they make or services they provide.
  • The employees feel motivated seeing a neat and clean work atmosphere where everything is organized. The floors are cleaned, the carpets are vacuumed, and trash bins are emptied, which makes the employees comfortable and fresh every day.
  • A clean and beautiful office space leaves a good and positive impression on the clients in the business field and for customers if it is a retail store.

The cleaning tasks are performed by professional and expert commercial cleaning companies who have skilled workers and the necessary tools to do the tasks adequately. The commercial cleaning company would first send their representative to discuss the size of the commercial space, the extent of cleaning work to be done, and the budget. The cleaning company would itself procure all the cleaning equipment and accessories which includes brooms, cleaning brushes, mops, vacuum cleaners, dusting kit, sponges, microfiber cloths, dust bins, garbage bags, and cleaning liquids and sanitizers. The cleaning company assign a team with five or six members for a particular office. The complete cleaning of a commercial building requires two or three teams due to the size of the space and number of tasks to be performed. The cleaning team has skilled and trained individuals who know their work and are also familiar as to how to manage the cleaning work. The team members each perform a specific task so that they can simultaneously complete the whole list of cleaning tasks.

The cleaning team usually make a checklist of the cleaning tasks they have to perform so that they can easily manage the work, and it also ensures that not a single task is missed by the cleaning workers. The complete list of cleaning tasks included in commercial cleaning services Orange County are

  • First, of the all the floors are cleaned by using a broom which collects the dust and other mess. The carpets are vacuumed using high quality vacuum cleaners. The floors are mopped when the cleaning is properly done.
  • The next task is cleaning all the glass surface present in the office. A spray bottle is used, and both the inside and outside of the windows and mirrors are cleaned by a microfiber cloth.
  • All the tables, desks, chairs and filing cabinets are cleaned. The clutter is removed, the dust is wiped out, and things are neatly arranged. The eating and drinking supplies are removed from the desks.
  • The window sills are wiped down by a damp cloth, and the picture frames are also cleaned. The shiny surfaces are polished to retain their shine and quality
  • The trash bins are emptied, and the garbage is collected in big plastic bags and disposed of properly.
  • The most important room to clean and wash is the bathroom as it is where the chances of germs and infections are the most. The cleaning worker will pour disinfectants and wash the bathroom. The bathroom utensils and supplies are also restocked.
  • The ceiling, light fixtures and doors are also properly cleaned.
  • The kitchen or cafeteria area is also properly cleaned by wiping the counters and tidying up the tables and chairs. The kitchen silverware and utensils are washed and dried