Life is complicated and people mostly face problems primarily because they are not tuned in to themselves and nature. Nature is a good teacher and if you pay attention you are able to learn many valuable lessons from it. However, people to ignore the valuable voices of nature and proceed with life. They suffer and often become miserable in the process.

The Importance Of Being And Staying Connected With Nature

Learning the Truth and the Essence of Life

The Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer Group is a spiritual and healing group that is known for its simple sweet medicine sun dance and tips on how life can be simple and happy if you just take some time and tune into nature and yourself. The members of this unique healing group say that when it comes to nature, people do spend time with it however they fail to listen to the simple lessons that it generally gives out. For example, when you are on a vacation or a holiday in the midst of nature, you never imagine that they can be teachers for survival. You see the mountains and the lakes. The animals and the insects. If you observe them closely, you will find that they teach you valuable lessons of survival in life.

The importance of Closely Aligned with Nature

You just need to be aligned with nature when you are close to it. This helps you get the knowledge and the wisdom that you need for a happy and peaceful life. At the same time, if you look around and listen to the sounds of nature, you will realize it’s beautiful music. Here again your listening skills are very important. They should be attentive. You must take time to listen to what nature has to teach you and how it effectively is able to make a unique difference to your life and whole existence.

Listening and the Whole Communication Process with Others

When it comes to the laws of nature, you will find that it wants to communicate and connect with you. However, man pays more attention to his self-thinking mind. There are pretentious voices that are speaking to him and making him miserable in the process. Even when he is communicating with someone else, the mind takes over and the whole communication process is misunderstood. Man will listen to others just to reply back- he never listens to others to understand what they wish and want to say. He will never listen just to understand and connect!

The Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer Group says that man has come from Grandmother Earth and will return to it. This is the true spirit and truth of man. When you connect and listen to nature, you will find your life changing. You will feel happy and life becomes simple. When you understand the true essence of listening to others, you will understand what the true spirit of communication is and how it can help you and others when it comes to your relationships with others. The Group teaches you the secrets of communication and the beauty of how nature can teach you many things for happiness!