To master the art of HR profession is like being skilled at opus as it requires mastery at different abilities of communication, leadership, multitasking, negotiating skills, dedication, and patience. In the present times, the practice of HR roles acquires new meaning and have brought with them, a heightened sense of expectations.

Being just-any-common-HR is just so common today. How many HR professionals you meet in your entire career- and how many of them do you remember? Have they made any major impact on you due to their class- excellence and unique ability to face the people and the situations? The continuous dedication required to master the competencies is increasingly becoming difficult and add to that the pressure of delivering business results.

Earlier a simple graduation or post- graduation without any specific specialization course in HR roles or HR certifications could do good. But not anymore. The market is getting cut-throat competitive and you need to stay ahead of the game through HR certifications. These HR certifications will help you show the cards when it matters the most. The appraisals and promotions will come easy to you and as will come easy the human resource management.

A Pew Research Center conducted a study by the name The State of American Jobs came out with these compelling findings:

  • 63% workers with a graduate degree report training and development of new skills essential in the long run of career.
  • 82% workers with a post-graduate degree say they lack the necessary training and education to get ahead at their work.
  • 72% workers feel it is an individual’s responsibility to maintain the skills required for long-term success.

The higher you climb the success ladder in HR profession, the more complex are the skills and talent required. The entire human resource management department needs continuous learning and upgrading of the HR roles through the HR certifications. It is imperative for the organizations as well as the individual human resource management professionals.

There are hundreds of HR certifications provided by respectable educational institutes. One thing that requires utmost care is the selection of right HR certification institute and course. One can even go for online courses from the most prestigious universities on earth at home. While some charge fees for the courses, many others charge a minimal fee or are available free. Moreover, many HR profession related activities count such as attending pre-approved seminars, conferences, and webinars. A lot of online books on the topic of different HR role swill help you study the course as well.

HR profession needs practicing just like a medical profession. You can practice your profession by implementing new programs at the workplace, serving as an HR expert volunteer, and doing HR roles research. Implementing these ideas in real- life action will define your future success and you will see there’s nothing stopping you from converting your human resource management practice into lifetime opus.