Basically Virtual Receptionist is a mechanised answering gadget. It is a friendly professional receptionist, which receives the phone calls and manages all the calls as precisely as you want. Its indispensability cannot be overemphasised as PA holiday cover.  It is just same as your in-house receptionist. Actually, this service is so authentic that users cannot notice that they are interacting with an automated machine and not the actual receptionist.

Below are the some of the commonly asked questions about the virtual receptionists and answers for them:

  1. What is the necessity for one more receptionist?
  • You will agree that the job profile of a medical front office executive contains multiple jobs and they frequently clash with one another resulting in substandard output.
  • If yours is a growing business, it is possible that it needs another receptionist.
  • The employment of another receptionist to meet with the growing need of your business may turn out to be a very expensive affair.
  • On the other hand, if you do not hire another one you may end up losing substantial number of prospective clients.
  • In order to tone down the resultant additional expenditure related to employing and grooming, a new receptionist and the consequential loss of upcoming customers, your best option is virtual receptionist.
  • This being an automated service, it will be available round the clock and discharge all such indispensable functions of your live front office medical receptionist.
  • On the top of everything, it does not take a break let alone falling asleep while on the job, knows no fatigue and can handle limit less calls at the same time.
  • It supplements and off-loads when your front office executive is busy executing more important tasks and ensures that no call goes unattended.
  1. Are the services of the virtual typist superior to call diverts?
  • When it comes to the appointments, the virtual receptionist will serve them by taking the requirement, offering them options and fixing up appointments.
  • At the same time, it will take care that there is no overlapping since the time slots allotted already are automatically blocked.
  1. Is there assurance that my mechanised receptionist is just apt for medical profession?
  • The automated receptionist can easily be uploaded with the appropriate scripting that conforms to your medical profession.
  • Besides your automated appliance can be programmed so as to retain precise data that is handy while interacting with the patients.
  • You virtual receptionist thus forms an integral part of your live team. Eventually It turns out to be an indispensible segment of your profession and its management.
  1. Is it compatible to tiny health centre and profitable too?
  • A small clinic like yours can have its own virtual receptionist and potentially cut down your expenditure resulting in savings in your resources.
  • It is even more lucrative that by investing limited funds, you are giving a tremendous fillip to your efficiency and output by exploiting your resources to the fullest extent.
  • This is so because with the assistance of this kind of automated service, the cost of calling individuals and text messaging them individually is ruled out.
  • There will not be any instances of putting the callers in queue, as all the calls will be caught up since the patients are not put on hold ever.
  • This precludes the probability of the potential customers changing their mind.

You can be rest assured that the services of a mechanised secretary can be inevitable for accomplishment of goals in your medical profession.  By judiciously blending the dos and don’ts you are ensuring that you are easily reached and your services are available uninterruptedly.