The Future Of Food Delivery Apps

The Future Of Food Delivery Apps

The food delivery service revenue was $64,851 million back in 2016 and has continued to climb ever since. The revenue is expected to see this rise in 2022, reaching $234,206 million. From the looks of it, the future is going to see a healthy food delivery apps industry – but is it really going to be it?

From what these 7 industry trends have to say, perhaps the future of your favorite pizza parlor lies in a pizza delivery app. Similarly, your favorite Chinese restaurant may also get its own Chinese food delivery app very soon; that is if it hasn’t already.

But is that it? As it turns out, most probably no; food delivery service apps may only be the beginning of the future of food delivery.

When it comes to painting a picture of the future, we have a tendency to paint it with vivid colors of our imagination. Sometimes many ideas that seem far-fetched at that time, do transform into reality. For instance, one blogger at Medium has fantastical ideas.

Recently, she ordered food from an Indian restaurant through a restaurant delivery app. Her order got canceled because of a flat tire. The solution she proposed to such unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances was a 3D food printer and drone. An automated system would place her order in the printer and a drone would deliver it to her doorstep.

Farfetched or not, one has to admit that after seeing the exponential involvement of AI in our daily lives, this could one day be the norm.

Another future trend we can expect to see is better inclusivity of services. You food delivery app will not just deliver food – it will be an all in one delivery service. For instance, your flower delivery app will also be a beer delivery app or a cigarette delivery app. Such all in one on-demand delivery apps make sense too. Why bother switching apps when you can order burger and toilet paper at the same time on the same app?

In fact, we believe food delivery app like uber may see a decline especially if package delivery apps can do their share of work too.

Third party platforms will give your favorite restaurant a run for its money very soon. As more and more people discover the ease and comfort of a delivery app, dining in may fade away into nonexistence. While it may not completely disappear, some restaurants may find it uneconomical to cater people at a physical location as compared to accepting orders over the app.

As is true with all future trend predictions, some of these may come to pass and many may not. What do you think?

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