You selected the perfect colour scheme for your decor and managed to find the balance between the comfy and stylish furniture. Yet, every time you enter your home something doesn’t feel quite right.

Did you check your Floor Plan Design?

Getting all caught up in the decor, furniture and appliances, people often forget about the actual flow of the place. Designing an efficient floor plan is such a no – brainer, but it somehow slips out of our vision. When moving house, we are usually too busy with the unpacking and decoration. We want to deal with it as soon as possible and handle the situation on the go. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Gambling your home decor on the sole luck, however, will not bring very satisfying results. You want to know what can go wrong with your floor plan? Here are a couple of mistakes you want to avoid.

Not Considering Your Lifestyle

There is no ultimate floor plan that will fit any home. It’s better to work with the perks of your place and adapt it to your needs. Think of the floor plan as a way to align your house and your lifestyle. The floor plan has a lot to do with your individuality. If you are more extroverted you may want a more open place. On the contrary, if you value your personal space, you will prefer individual rooms with partitions.

Take time to picture how you will use the place before moving house. Every room has a specific purpose, apart from its aesthetic value. Do you want a minimalistic design where you can move freely? Or maybe you are struggling with fitting all the possessions of your large family. In both cases you need to ensure easy access to the areas that you often use and remove anything that doesn’t work.

Not Understanding the Floor Plan Drawings

For architectures and interior designers, looking and understanding the floor plan drawings is like second nature. For regular people the nomenclature and the symbols can be quite confusing. So don’t feel ashamed if you can’t comprehend the plan. If you are unsure about something, just ask. This is a better strategy, than assuming that you understand the plans, when you don’t. This is usually how mistakes occur.

The Floor Plan Design Mistakes That Ruin Your Home

Getting the Wrong Proportions

Getting the size of the rooms and the appliances wrong is not an unusual scenario. You can easily get around this pitfall and save yourself some dramatic mistakes. Reading the dimensions of the room is not enough to gain an adequate perspective. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you realize that your sofa takes too much of your space. Measure the room, the furnishing and the appliances before moving house. This will help you determine how much space you need to add into your next place. If you are making post – relocation improvements, try to re – arrange the furniture or, if necessary, buy new pieces.

Not Using Technology

The easiest way to select a floor plan is by trying different options. Moving the furniture and the appliances is a tough exercise. There is no need to do it. You can use the variety of room design software available online. These platforms offer the possibility to create your floor plan before moving house or redecorating your home. Make as many outlines as you wish. You don’t need to be an expert to use it and it won’t take you a lot of time. When you have an actual sketch of your place, you will determine how much space you will need and successfully asses your needs.

Not Planning For the Present

Home relocation gives you the chance to work on blank canvas and design the interior that you like. Great! But when you focus more on the way your home looks, than on how it feels you are in trouble. At the beginning you may not be able to afford all the furnishing, appliances and inclusions that you want. Don’t worry if in the moment your place doesn’t look the way you imagined it. Be patient. You can gradually make additions or change your decor. Right now, you need to create a foundation on which you can build your interior. The floor plan is your starting point.

Not Sticking To Your Budget

One classic homeowner’s mistake is overspending. When you are overwhelmed by the “decorating fever”, you may be tempted to spend money on things that you don’t really need at the moment. You probably have a set budget. Try to make the most of your finances, while decorating a cosy home. It’s not impossible. All you need is to set your priorities.

Not Being Mindful About the Location

Your floor plan can be modified. Your location can’t. Bare this in mind when arranging your new home or when making some reforms in your existing decor. When researching different floor plans, you probably fell in love with one or two ideas. The problem is that these designs may not fit your place. Each location has unique aesthetics, view and thus different vibe.

Many floor plans fail because they are not facing the right direction. This doesn’t have an impact only on the look of your place, but also on your monthly bills. When properly designed, the interior can benefit from the natural light and warm, which will eventually reduce your energy costs. The north room orientation can give you the benefit of a pleasant sunlight in the winter and the cooler temperatures in the summer. If you are moving house, visit the place prior to the relocation. Spot the key areas and think how you can optimize your floor plan.

Not Putting Safety First

Plan your layout in a way it provides enough safety. This is vital especially if you have children. Young kids crawl and climb everywhere. Your primary goal is to minimize their access to balconies, railing and slip – offs.

Don’t underestimate the impact of a good floor plan. It can really transform the way your home looks and feels.

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