FRP and Pultruded FRP

Development of composite materials was great for material engineering sector. With the discovery of FRP and pultruded FRP materials, many manufacturing units were able to replace conventional materials with these recent innovative products. Once came into the market, manufacturers started using these materials in constructing high end applications, like space, aircrafts, defense, special structures, robotics, automobile, etc. Today, these materials are also used in constructing FRP cooling towers for industries.

With the emergence of FRP pultrusion techniques, mass production ensuring premium quality in the foundry became a reality. Presently, foundries are using these materials to construct packaged cooling towers and big and high cooling towers.

FRP pultruded range of products is often stronger and durable. Fiber density is superior and a standard pultrusion product can have up to 50% of fiber by volume, 70% by weight and this results in extremely sturdy FRP composite.

FRP Cooling Tower for Industrial Use

The cold water temperature from a cooling tower declined with the reduction in wet-bulb temperature or heat load assuming continued constant pumping rate and fan operation.

Temperature controlling job is important to consider in the industrial cooling tower technology sector. Manufacturers design and produce FRP cooling tower range to keep the industrial applications stay cool even after continuous operations. Cooling tower devices are heat absorbers that prevent over heating of industrial machines and applications to avoid interruption in continuous operations.

Cooling tower water distribution systems whether gravity type or spray type are calculated to generate maximum efficiency within a narrow range of flow rates. Manufacturers are producing FRP cooling tower range in adequate quantity to match requirements of the market. They are using different methods to cast components of cooling towers-

  • Pultrusion
  • Injection Moulding
  • Casting
  • Pushthrusion
  • Filament Winding
  • More of such methods that relate desired properties of final product

FRP range is extremely in demand nowadays due to its reliability and strength. More industries are looking for manufacturing outlets to source efficient FRP cooling towers for their infrastructure. In case you are also among them, you can contact Tower Tech Global experts. They are offering excellent products that will anyway protect your machines and applications from overheating and breakdown. Write your requirements to them and get a free quote today.