The cloud is a big zip drive in the sky. Obviously, it seems to be in the sky because it’s called “the cloud” so immediately you look upwards. It is misleading though, because it is not in the sky at all.

So that begs the question, where in the world is all the big data stored? There is actually a physical place where all your data that is stored. Apple, Google, and Amazon own most of the cloud storage system. Multiple places with numerous computer systems store infinite big data around the world. The cloud is everywhere. Truly.

The Cloud Is Infinite Big Data Storage

The Inventor Of Cloud Computing 

Compaq engineers in the late 90’s came up with the term “cloud computing” so they are actually credited with originating the terminology. Apple seems to have cornered the market on linking the cloud storage with their devices such as the Ipad, or Ipod. The best part of “the cloud” is that it allows you to store files in this unlimited way, and then you can access them on multiple devices wherever you go.

Computer storage is a tricky thing, when back in the old days you had to backup your files onto actual disks or the hard drive of your computer. This was risky, because your computer could crash easily, and you would lose everything. Or, if it was stored on a random disk, you could lose that too. The cloud was able to make big data storage, and even little data storage for the average person much more effective.

Steve Jobs Was At The Forefront of the Movement 

In 1997, Steve Jobs admitted that he didn’t store his data on hard drives, but was already using this type of cloud storage and had been for 7 years. Can you imagine having this technology in 1990? No one was using the World Wide Web yet. So it’s amazing at just how ahead of the game Jobs was in terms of using this system way before most of the public caught onto it. Big data analytics have a much easier time looking over large groups of data by using the cloud system that Jobs thought so highly of.

Some Issues With The Whole Cloud System 

Hackers. It’s a dreaded word in the forensic IT world, but sadly the cloud seems to be more vulnerable to hacking. They are able to break into the cloud storage from anywhere in the world leading teams of hackers to get access to all kinds of private information, photos, bank numbers, and a lot of other information tidbits that are valuable to criminals.

You might think that some guy sitting in his basement on his network of computers hacking into the cloud isn’t as bad as someone rolling up to a bank with the intent of robbing it, but it’s truly the same thing. Data theft or physical theft can wreak havoc on banking systems.

Remember back in 2014, when all those celebrities private (naked) photos were stolen from Apple’s cloud system, iCloud and sold to the highest bidders? That’s just the tip of the iceberg on flaws in the security of the cloud. Even the most secure cloud servers can be subject to data leaks. It’s just the way the system works at this point.

Keep in mind that IT professionals are working round the clock to make this system more secure. Various federal computer hacking crimes carry a prison sentence of up to 20 years depending on the circumstances.

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