When planning a bathroom renovation or remodel, one of the major hurdles people encounter is deciding whether to install a bath or shower. Both options have their pros and cons, so it is important to carefully consider your requirements before making your decision, to ensure whichever option you choose will be beneficial to your household.

The Choice Between Baths or Showers: Which Is Better?


Space is one of the first things to consider. In modern design trends, there has been a shift away from the more traditional bath/shower combination; instead replacing these with a freestanding bathtub and separate shower. Bathtubs are known for adding a feeling of luxury to a bathroom, relaxing sore muscles, their availability in a wide variety of styles and having a range of optional special features. However, sometimes there is simply not enough space or budget to allow for both a shower and tub.

Since showers are often used more frequently and tend to take up less space, some homeowners are opting to remove their tubs completely and optimise space by creating larger, high-end showers instead. Contemporary shower designs can simultaneously add luxury and practicality to a bathroom by incorporating seating, built-in shelving, handles and bars to grab onto for the handicapped, multiple shower heads or nozzles that spray water from different angles, and can even be built without doors; making them adaptable to a range of different needs.


It is important to take household members and/or potential buyers into account when choosing between a bath, shower, or a combination of both. Whilst young, busy couples tend to prefer showers over tubs, families often require a bathtub for the ease of bathing young children. The disabled and elderly may find showers more convenient as they are easier to step in and out of, particularly when they feature bars to hold onto for stability, benches for seating and a non-slip tile surface.

Depending on the number of bathrooms within a property, many recommend having at least one bathtub to meet the demands of all potential buyers. However, space may not always allow this. Luckily, there are many options and features available in contemporary shower design, allowing them to be customised to suit a variety of tastes and requirements.

Maintenance and Efficiency

The convenience of maintaining your bathroom is another important factor to consider. Large bathtubs can be difficult to reach into and time-consuming to clean, but the same can also be said for large showers with glass doors and walls, which can be subject to lime and calcium stains. Shower doors can also become loose at the hinges over time, or experience issues closing properly.

The Choice Between Baths or Showers: Which Is Better?

When compared with filling a large bathtub, showers generally use less water and have the option of featuring an energy efficient shower head to help save water and money. If you are considering installing a bath, it is important to ensure that the property has a water heater installed that has the capacity required to fill the tub with enough hot water.

There is a great deal to consider when deciding whether to install a bath, shower, or both; each has their advantages depending on the needs of your household. If you are currently weighing up your options, the technicians at Service Today can provide expert advice to help you make the ultimate decision. Our technicians can inspect your bathroom space and provide recommendations on the best way to fit out the room, assisting you in the creation of your dream bathroom. If you are looking for a local plumber you can trust to help with your renovation, call Service Today on 1300 859 383.