The Characteristics Of A Dress Form Mannequin That You Should Know About

The confusion between a dress form mannequin and a regular mannequin happens more often than you think. Many amateur tailors are confused between the two and what each one’s uses are. The dress form mannequin is built specifically for unfinished garments and is great for when a tailor is still measuring and cutting their fabric to make the ultimate garment. Here are a few more characteristics that you should know about.

It is easy to confuse between the two but it is a fact that a dress form mannequin is meant to assist in the making of unfinished garments. They typically come in standard sizes which caters to the sort of people that the tailor is aiming to make garments for. This goes without saying that the dress form mannequin is typically made of higher quality than a regular mannequin.

On the other hand, when a garment is finished, it would be wiser to put them on a regular mannequin instead because it allows shoppers and other people to see the outfit and imagine themselves in it.

Typically a dress form mannequin can actually be made out of several different types of fabric, each with its own specific use but the most common one would be made out of sponge that allows for the tailors to pin several different pieces of garment son to them. What times means is that the dress form mannequin can be seen as somewhat like a training dummy, where fabric is pinned on them until the tailor is finally happy with the finished product.

This also means that the dress form mannequin is much better at handling rougher levels of treatment as opposed to the regular mannequin. The regular one is to be treated with care because its appendages can come right off but you won’t have to worry about that with the dress form mannequin.

That’s right, due to the nature of the sewing and fashion business, it just won’t do to have a dress form mannequin that breaks down within a short period of time. That is why it is important to get higher quality ones that allow for harsher treatment and to withstand prolonged periods of use. These characteristics are what make the dress form mannequin such a must have amongst tailors worldwide.

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