The Career Options For Students Doing Interior Designing Courses In India

Do you often change the look and feel of your room? Are you really fond of playing with decor items for making your room look different every now and then? Do you feel creatively charged every time you notice innovative designs? If yes, then a career in interior designing can be really fruitful for you. Also, a sound knowledge of colours and the strength of imagination to blend and mix them well can take you ahead in this particular career path.

There are a number of career options in interior design which you can explore. As long as you are really confident and happy about your skills and expertise, it simply doesn’t matter what kind of a designer you really are.

5 Top Most Career Options in Interior Designing

In order to be a successful designer, you will first need a degree to support your expertise. There are several universities which provide interior designing courses in India. So, you will have to search one of the best courses and then get enrolled in it. However, after getting the degree in hand, you can opt for five different career options. Let us now see what they are.

This is the most obvious career path for most of the designers. As an interior designer, you will have to design the interiors of homes, office spaces and other buildings. You will have to be creative and should be aware of the latest trends in the field. You will have to work with both residential as well as commercial clients.

It is one of the more specialised parts of interior design and also quite famous in India. It also has huge career opportunities. As a furniture designer, you will have a two-fold job structure. You may deal directly with clients or work for an employer. You will have to work on the detailing and designs of the various furniture pieces. This is a very exciting part of interior designing.

As an exhibition designer, you will have to provide working layouts as well as decide on the decor of the exhibition halls. You will have to acquire proper knowledge of the various custom build designs, modular stand designs, floor management and exhibition and museum design modules. Along with these, you need to be thorough with CAD, AutoCAD/Vector works and 3D packages like Adobe Suites.

The primary job of a kitchen designer revolves around the kitchen aesthetics and the effectiveness of its utility. You will have to work in coordination with the constructors for determining the floor plans or you can also start designing the kitchen space once the floor work is done. You should be able to strike a balance between both the functionality as well as the design of the items which are present in the kitchen.

You, as a lighting designer, will ensure that proper lighting has been done in the houses you are designing. You will have to be knowledgeable about the basics of wiring and might also have to work with a few qualified electricians for bringing out different creative lighting effects based on the nature of your projects. You might also have to work with light fittings, luminaries and shades for manufacturers. Also, in order to become successful in the field, you will need some knowledge about different types of lighting and their effects.

Regardless of the career options you take up, always remember that interior designing is not only about the aesthetic value of a house or area but also about proper space utilization, effective lightings, furniture, etc. Becoming a successful interior designer is truly demanding and you need to have a lot of passion in order to succeed.

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