Gone are the days when we had no chemical fertilizers, tractors, or tillers. However, the farmers back then still did a lot on their lands with their simple farming tools and the fortunate ones had only a few draft animals. Even till date, we do not need to own farm animals before one could be able to efficiently farm; there are modernized versions of old tools that would give remarkable results. Some of such tools that every gardener should consider having are the broadfork tool and the pecan upper picker. At broadforktool.com, it becomes very apparent that the broadfork tool is efficient for a couple of reasons including loosening the soil up to a depth of 16 inches, planting trees, removing rocks, breaking new grounds and lots more. The pecan upper picker – just as the name indicates – is a savior when it comes to harvesting/collecting pecans and nuts. Let’s take a closer look at both of these tools below.

Peculiarities of the broadfork tool and its uses

The broadfork is one simple farm tool that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge and energy to operate when the need comes for plowing the soil. However, there are a few types of this tool in terms of size, shape and weight. Each different one was designed for particular purposes so, in order to ensure that you select the best one for your garden chore, there are things you should put into consideration before making a choice.

  • Why you need the tool: The fact that this tool can be used for a variety of purposes should not be neglected. It goes well for digging, plowing, aerating the soil, breaking up hardpan, and so on. You should, first of all, determine which of these you are interested in before picking a particular broadfork tool.
  • Plowing: for the purpose of plowing hardpan or sod, you should be considering a durable tool. For this, you can try the meadow creature broadfork; for its weight would help in penetrating the sod as well as flipping it over. For plowing sod, removing rocks, planting trees or breaking up compacted ground; you should be looking at a broadfork with deep tines and steel handles.

The Broadfork Tool and Pecan Upper Picker – Must-haves For Gardeners

Features of the pecan upper picker and its uses

The pecan picker upper is popularly known as the best friend of every nut tree owner. It has a variety of uses, which include picking up seeds and nuts in the garden, collecting apples in the orchard, and gathering golf balls on the course. This tool makes it possible to do your nut harvesting as easy as walking through the yard. No more need to bend over, squat, and kneel; all you need is to roll the pecan upper picker over the ground of the garden and it collects all nuts on its way. You can select one according to the size of the object you are planning to collect with it.

The advantages of these tools are enormous. Just make sure that you consider your purpose of using the tool before selecting the features included and your garden work would be made so pleasant and stress-free.