Roof windows have a captivating effect on your home. The secret is that they have the power to capture the hearts of your visitors. They are also commonly known as roof lights which are in general considered to be an impeccable solution to add more light to your space, especially if its somewhat limited.

Although they have charismatic traits, it takes a lot of effort to install the correct roof windows. A common man is likely to be confused about which windows need to be installed, where, how and whom to contact if there are any problems.

There are some reliable companies which guide you to design the best home kitchens with the help of their years of industry experience and versatile clientele. They can suggest you the best possible options based on your requirements within your budget and just the way you want!

Here are some basic guidelines which you must get before you install roof windows-


The first thing that you should figure out is an ideal spot where you should install roof windows. This spot is basically where you acquire most of your sunlight from. Thereupon, you should search for possible structural issues that you might face.

Besides, you must also check different window positions and then select the one that suits your kitchen the best. For example, if you are installing roof window in your kitchen extension then you would prefer east-facing window because that offers you ample of light.


It is pretty much obvious that larger the window more light is likely to be transmitted in your kitchen. However, you cannot finalise size of the window based on this. Finding the total space available, legal formalities and other practicalities are some other factors which have to be taken into account while deciding size of the window.

Kitchen interiors are also holds accountability as both should blend well with one another.


Once you have a clear idea about the spot for your roof window and precise dimension you can search for appropriate style which can be installed in your kitchen. The most economical and convenient option that households consider is fixed flat roof lights. They do not require high maintenance cost and are affordable.

But, in case you have very high roof height and it is difficult for you to reach them then you should think about electronically controlled roof lights. They can be opened electrically and controlled automatically which means lesser human efforts.

Some of them include sensors and they shut automatically when it starts to rain.

Conservation roof light is yet another option and the local authorities’ suggest households to install these roof lights as they are discreet.


There are people who believe that glazing is just an additional expenditure and you can skip this expense. Well, some might manage to skip it but if you take a look at the bigger picture glazing acts as a boon during winters.

To add to it, energy saving, noise reduction and heat controlling are some excellent features of glazing. It also prevents greenhouse effect if your window is positioned in west or south direction.

Permission Required

If your work constitutes under permitted development then you do not really need to apply for planning permission to fit-in your roof lights in your roof. However, there are specific alterations for which you need permission.

If your project goes beyond the roof plane by 150mm then you need special permission.

If a particular installation is larger than a reasonable/basic size then you need to get in touch with the authorities.

If at all you fall in a location which has so-called Article 4 Direction or other planning condition then you need to submit an application. This is, irrespective of whether you are making basic or huge changes at your home.

If you happen to reside in and around listed building such as Conservation area or National Park then you need consent from the authorities.

For detailed information on permission process and when it is required, you can always call your local authorities as they can give you precise information about it.


The cost roof lights varies because it depends on multiple factors like style, size, double or triple glaze and the type of glass you select as well. Besides whether you include heat control, noise control, etc. properties in your glass then the prices may differ.

Approximately, a polycarbonate roof window costs around £250 and if you look for bespoke solution then it might go up to £10,000. There is no specific upper limit to this because companies charge differently based on the services offered and quality of raw material used in the process.