The Biggest Mistakes Small Business Owners Make With Their Websites

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When a business owner decides to create a website, there is the initial debate about whether it should be done in-house or by an external team of  web designers in Cheshire. If you decide to go with the latter, then you are more likely to get something based on current trends and something based on experience. If you decide to do it yourself, whilst you might not really know where to start, one positive is that you know your business inside and out, whereas a website expert may not.

Common Mistakes – Don’t Fall Foul

There are some key mistakes if you are going it alone that you may want to consider, some things to avoid or evade. First impressions certainly do count when it comes to websites and it’s absolutely key, now more than ever, to make sure you are getting it right.

It’s Too Busy

One of the most common mistakes is making the website look like there is a lot going on. Pounding it with information. Lots of pictures to see, lots of text to read, but the potential pitfall here is that the visitor of the site does not really know what to do next, and it can all get a little confusing. The key is to have a good first impression, with some text and one key image on the home page. The rest of the site may contain more of both of these, but the idea is to engage the visitor of the website to click on the next page to find out more information.

There’s No Cta

Another key mistake made on a website is no clear ‘Call to Action’ CTA for short. This is a way for the site visitor to get in touch with you; it could be a phone call, an email, a chat message, or even visit you in person. This information needs to be really easy to find, even so easy that it is on every single page in some form.The website is there to generate new business for you and you spread the word about what you do, so to be able to get in touch with you is the natural next step – without a CTA, you are setting yourself up to have wasted your time and efforts.

You’Re Not Using Adsense…..

You may want to use your website, especially if it is going to get a lot of traffic, to generate extra revenue through plugins such as AdSense. AdSense is a blank window in a fixed position on your website, and when a visitor goes onto your website, Google knows where they’ve shopped or browsed before; using this information Google will then show them a personalised advert from one of those companies. Each time someone goes on your site, you earn money.


The key to this feature is to have it placed strategically on the page, sometimes between a blog, or at the side of information. The issue arises when you have too many and there is no coherence on the site, and the visitor ends up getting either bored of frustrated having to dig through your adverts to find the information they need.

People Can’t Find What They Want

The final key mistake that is made is having the navigation on the site so small that the visitor doesn’t know where to look to find it. The navigation is the visitor’s way to find their way around your site, and if they can’t even find that, what hope do they have of finding the really important information or that much needed CTA to become a potential customer.

With all this considered, it’s no wonder some people prefer to look for web designers to take care of their website, but whatever your choice, make sure your website doesn’t fall foul of the potential pitfalls above, and you’re sure to have one that works for your business.

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