If you run your own business, you may have the best products and services available. But none of this matters if people are not aware of your brand and what you have to offer to meet their needs. Whether your company is large or small, established or a new start up, it is crucial to have an effective marketing strategy. There are various different methods to advertise your services to their best advantage.

The Best Ways To Market Your Business

Direct Marketing

Surprisingly in these digital times, direct mail is still an extremely valuable method of securing new business. In fact, according to the Direct Mail Association, almost two thirds of consumers have made a purchase in response to a direct mail marketing campaign. You should think carefully about your target demographic of customer and what their attitudes, habits and needs look like. Once you have an idea of a general profile, you can begin to target your campaign at those people from whom you are most likely to generate a sale. A blanket campaign which is not targeted at a specific audience is likely to cost more in terms of stationery and postage than any profits it will generate. Customised mailing lists can be purchased, which will allow you to focus your efforts on the group of prospective new customers most likely to complete a sale with you.

Brochures and Leaflets

A glossy marketing leaflet through the door can work wonders to promote your company and make people aware of any special offers and discounts. Leaflets should be clear and simple and strongly branded, in order to get people to remember your company. Delivery services can be cheaply employed to distribute your material door to door.

The Power of the Internet

These days, it would be very unwise to ignore the potential of the internet to increase your business. According to the Independent, almost three quarters of the adult population used the internet every day in 2013. More and more of these people are opting to make many of their purchases online, so your website is a vital part of your marketing plan. It should be slick and attractive and most importantly, it should offer a truly user friendly experience. You can also use email marketing to great effect, by sending newsletters to existing customers to make them aware of any special offers and loyalty discounts available to them.

If you do not have the time or inclination to run your marketing campaign yourself, you may choose to employ a professional service such as Aardvark Creative, who specialise in website design in Bristol. Such a company will ensure that you have an advertising campaign in place which will cover all bases.

All of the methods discussed above have their place in getting your business as well known as possible and maximising your sales. A great marketing campaign will repay your investment many times over, in terms of increased business from both new customers and old.