Sometimes employees after leaving the company vent out their anger and frustration to harass the former employer. Having left the company won’t cause any harm to the employee but it can be very damaging to the employer. He has spent years to build the reputation of the company. Such harassment from ex-employees can happen to any business. To deal with such a scenario effectively, it is very important to learn and implement the right ways to save one’s business from harm.

Cost Benefit Planning

This is the first and foremost step to be taken to deal with the disgruntled employees. All you need to do is to start by finding out the extent of the damage. This will aid in measuring their reaction.  You need to evaluate a few things:

  • Are they leaving bad remarks on social media websites about your company?
  • Can your business remain persistent despite of their malicious actions?
  • Are their actions damaging your business’s reputation?

Though you can always delete the comments they have written, but the best way to react is not to react at all. When nobody will pay attention to their actions then they will ultimately stop it.

Handle it in with company

Taking the matter to the court will make it public. This will make more harm to your reputation. It will do nothing bad to them. So even after not paying any attention, if you still find them continuing it then you should try to solve the matter, in a close setting.

Keep the interaction on one on one basis and ensure that the sensitive information during the discussion is not disclosed to the public. You need to carry out all the necessary measures by staying within the defamation removal law and code of conduct. Stay cool and calm and act instead of reacting under adverse conditions. This will help in the effective and amicable resolution of the issue.

Taking the matter to Court

This would be the last option, which needs to be exercised only when all the above-mentioned methods fail. When you can settle the matter outside the court, then it makes it inevitable to involve the court in setting the issue.  If you find that tortious interference has taken place wherein the employee has been interfering in the current matters of the company and creating chaos and financial loss then you need to take it very seriously. 

You can claim defamation lawsuit or tortious form of interference against them. This would definitely sue those ex-employees, who make use of contacts through the company to spread bad things about your business. Also, try to cease and stop the case before progressing any further.


Disappointed employees harass their past company. It is one of the ways that is often used, as a means to take revenge. Formulating better strategies and effectively putting them into action would save a business from an unforeseen event, considerably.