The large number of different juicers that we presently have in the market confuses the majority of users when they decide on a juicing device for their household. The challenge is even greater for those that are new to using a juicer. Let’s look at some good tips for selecting an ideal two gear juicer for your household.

How do you understand if you need a two gear juicer?

  • You need to produce more juice
  • Want a device that is not noisy
  • Need a juicer that would last longer
  • Want juice with more nutrients
  • Need a juicing device that is multipurpose

Some of the advantages of getting a two gear juicer

There are certain advantages that the users of triturating juicers can confirm, and we will be getting acquainted with some of them:

  • Durability: You can be sure that your juicing device will last longer than most other models because it is designed to serve for a long time.
  • Nutritious yield: The slow speed at which the two gear juicers operate has its many advantages and one of them is that you are sure of getting juice with higher content of nutrients. Because of the slow oxidation process, the naturally occurring nutrients in the fruits and vegetables will still be intact in the juice produced.
  • Multipurpose: You no longer need to restrict yourself to a particular blend of juice because with a two gear juicer, you can process other kinds of produce apart from fruits and vegetables. You can now comfortably get juice from barley grass, ginger, alfalfa sprouts, and so on.
  • Higher yield: Unlike the single gear juicers, the double auger juicers thoroughly squeeze the fruits and vegetables entered into them to give more juice and leave behind very dry pulp. Due to this, you can be sure to save time rather than throw away money in the form of slightly squeezed pulp.
  • Less noise: You no longer have to disturb everyone in your apartment when making your morning juice. Your kids and next-door neighbors can peacefully enjoy their television program while you make your juice in the kitchen.

The Best Twin Gear Juicers: Top Rated Review

Our Pick For The Best Twin Gear Juicer Review

At this point, we would like to make a short review of one of the best twin gear juicers that should find a place in the kitchens of different categories of users.

Omega TWN30S

This is a twin auger juicer that suits well those users who need competent juicing at the expense of using less time and energy. A reliable Omega TWN30S Review shows that this is a clever choice of juice extractor. This device comes equipped with twin augers, a plastic and a wooden plunger, a coarse and fine screen, a clearing brush, a pulp basin, and a juice basin.

The Omega TWN30S comes also with a sieve strainer that assists in getting juice that is free of pulp. All it needs to operate is a 110-120v voltage. You can be certain that it is easy to assemble due to its lock latch system. What else can you expect in addition to its 15-year warranty from the manufacturer?

With the listed advantages, features, and review, it becomes easier for one to select an ideal twin gear juicer that would serve a household best.