Electricity has been serving industries from a very long time. In industries, we use a high amount of electrical power to run the machines and systems in that industry. For this, it is important to use the best quality components and keep them safe and protected all the time.

One of the major components that are used in a high voltage electrical system is the high voltage cables used for carrying such high voltages of electrical currents to different points. To keep these cables safe from external and internal threats, cable accessories are used which provide perfect protection to the high voltage cables.

When you are selecting the cable accessories for your industrial electrical system, you must choose only the best quality cable accessories. Compaq offers you a wide array of high quality cable accessories that are used for best safety of high voltage cable installed in your industrial electrical network. Here are some of the high quality cable accessories offered by Compaq.

Heat Shrinkable End Caps

Heat shrinkable end caps are used for introducing an increase in the creepage length of the cables, and this does not cause any increase in the actual tail length of the cables. These rain sheds are also meant for protection of the cables from heat, weather and moisture. The heat shrink rain sheds offered by Compaq are designed for a long and durable life and are made from very high quality material that is polyolefin.

Technical Information

Properties Values Standards
Tensile Strength 12 N/mm2 (Mpa)(Min) ASTM D638
Density 1.15 +/- 0.2 gm/cm​3 ASTM D792
Water Absorption 0.5% (Max) ASTM D570
Accelerated ageing (1200C for 500 Hrs.) ASTM D2671
Low Temperature Flexibility (-200C for 4 Hrs.)      No Cracking ASTM D2671
Dielectric Strength 15 kV/mm. (Min.) ASTM D149
Resistance to track & erosion No tracking, erosion or  flame failure up to 3.25 KV for 20 min. ASTM D2303


Mechanical Connectors

Mechanical connectors are the best way to connect two different subsections of a big huge electrical circuit. The mechanical connectors offer a very strong hold on the connections and last for a very long time. Compaq offers a wide range of mechanical shear head connectors that are made from high grade alloy of aluminium and give a very long service life. The bolts of the connectors are also made from a strong alloy of aluminium. All the connectors offered by Compaq absolutely comply with the technical standards of IEC 6123 and HD629.

Cold Applied Rubber Bushing Boots

For provision of extra protection to the high voltage cables with insulation, cold applied rubber bushing boots are used. They have a wide range of working and can work under the loads up to 17.5KV.

With so many products offered by Compaq, it has maintained a long list of many satisfied customers in India and abroad.