Are you looking for great pool products to make your pool even more fun and enjoyable?

More and more people throughout New Zealand are deciding it’s time to get a pool. Even once you have the fence up and the pool installed, though, there may be more you want to buy. What can you get that will help make your pool a pleasant spot to spend time?

There’s an amazing range of great pool products you might think about. If this is your first time owning a pool, it’s easy to overlook something you might really want — or to feel a little bit overwhelmed when you consider all the great options out there.

A well-stocked pool is a happy pool, so think about some of these ideas:

1) LED Lights

There are plenty of options when it comes to lighting your pool, but if you want to use it at night, you have to pick a great one! LED lights are popular with New Zealanders for plenty of reasons. They provide relaxing light and use much less electricity than the alternatives. It’s easy to install these lights on any existing above-ground pool, so it makes a great weekend project.

2) Pool Heating

Want to use your pool in the coolest months? Your pool can be deliciously warm all throughout the year if you pick up a pool heater. There are electric, gas and solar options depending on what you want to achieve. Solar heating is a fast-growing option because it can reduce your heating bill by quite a bit, but a standard electric heater is reliable even in the rainy season.

3) Pool Chlorinators

One of the biggest issues people have with maintaining their pool is making sure that it’s clean all year long. A chlorinator will help out by distributing chlorine, the most important cleaning chemical, all throughout the circulating water of your pool. There are even chlorinators that can turn your existing pool into a saltwater pool paradise that will rival the Dead Sea!

4) Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners can really protect you when it comes to the time and effort involved in pool maintenance. Heck, they’re even fun to watch, too! An automated pool cleaner is essentially a little robot that constantly patrols the pool in search of things to clean out or vacuum up. This is great if your pool isn’t in an enclosed area and might deal with bugs from time to time.

5) Pool Pumps

The beating heart of your pool is the pool pump. Without a good pump, your water will soon get stagnant and could be dangerous! Pumps work alongside filter systems and pool cleaners by providing the right volume of water flow over time. Pumps are fundamental, so you might discover that your pump is your biggest starting investment. Luckily, they can be efficient, too.

How to Decide Which Items to Get For Your Pool First

There’s a world of great accessories out there for your pool, so it can be hard to decide which ones to get first. Everything we talked about above — and much more — can give you some satisfaction when it comes to enjoying your pool. Still, the big question is this: Where do you start?

Most pool accessories provide certain kinds of advantages, so think along these lines:

Do You Want to Reduce Time Spent Maintaining Your Pool?

If so, you probably want to look at a chlorinator first and foremost. Putting chlorine in your pool can take hours and may be exhausting or uncomfortable. With a chlorinator, you don’t have to worry about hiring someone else to do it: Just let the machine do the work.

Do You Want to Enjoy Your Pool in All Weather?

If so, it’s a good idea to outfit your pool with a heater as soon as you can. Just by raising the temperature a few degrees, you’ll find that you can use your pool well into the night and in all but the coldest winter months. LED lighting can also make night swimming safer.

Do You Want to Curb Your Overall Cost of Ownership?

A modern, efficient pool pump will have the most impact on your cost of ownership. Pay close attention to the electrical usage of different pumps, whether they benefit from solar energy and how long their effective life is expected to be before you commit to a purchase.

A pool is a great investment that will make your weekends more relaxing and give you a terrific place to hold parties. When it comes to making your pool the best on the block, don’t hold back: There’s no end to the hours of enjoyment you can achieve when your pool is properly kitted out!