Many people get anxious at the thought of going to the dentist for an appointment, no matter what the purpose of the visit is. Taking your kids to their annual cleaning can be especially stressful for both you and them, particularly if they have not gone before, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some dentists’ offices that cater specifically to the needs of kids, and the experience can actually be enjoyable for them. Here’s who we think is the best children’s dentist in Vancouver, who can turn the thought of a visit to the dentist into a low-stress affair.

The Best Children’s Dentists In Vancouver BC

SmileTown Dentistry has three locations in the Greater Vancouver area, so you can pick the office that is most convenient for you. Each location has a different fun theme that includes interactive decorations and activities to help your kids become relaxed. This includes a jungle theme at one location, a beach theme at another, and an underwater theme. These dentists know that feeling comfortable at the dentist as a kid is a great way to ensure that the kid will be engaged with maintaining good oral health as they grow up and will feel comfortable visiting the dentist as an adult, too.

For you as the parent, you will find that this children’s dentist in Vancouver provides a great quality of care. They have experience and training to work with kids who have varying degrees of comfort with the dentist, and they will communicate with you to help you with monitoring your children’s oral health.

If your child has needs that could make a visit to the dentist, particularly difficult for you and them, you can feel rest assured that these dentists will be able to work out a solution. Their office can also be there for your family from the time your child is an infant until their teenage years, so you can benefit from consistent care. In addition to their cleaning and hygiene services, they also can provide your child with orthodontics should they need them.

SmileTown Dentistry’s approach to dentistry and commitment to quality care make them an ideal choice for your kid’s dental needs.