The best and the most famous of the nootropic blends

One of the most powerful nootropics known to have cognitive enhancing properties, it provides overall improvement in the health and performance of the brain designed to improve focus, memory, processing speed and flow state. Research studies has been conducted by the Boston Centre of Memory on 2 human clinical trials which have shown positive results of this supplement containing only earth-grown nutrients with Vitamin B6. However, the study conducted was on a very small group of persons, which is almost insignificant. It is a well-balanced nootropic that aids in increasing mental drive and focus. It helps with sleep related problems like insomnia which is a major factor in boosting your mental performance and memory. It basically provides you with the much needed nutrients that is necessary for increasing the level of concentration and give out results of a high performance machine.

Potential benefits of this supplement

All persons who use nootropics always have a question in their mind that whether these supplement gives out positive results. Well, it should be kept in mind that the effects of any supplement, be it positive or negative, depends upon the user and a lot of other factors as well. The effects of this nootriment is more pronounced on those people who lead a busy lifestyle in maintaining their professional, educational or familial responsibilities and hardly have any time to maintain a healthy eating and sleeping routine. The dosage of 10 mg of Vitamin B6 can be quite effective for about 20% to 40% of the population.

Assuming the source of B6 to be available from a biological source, being absent from the diet can be helpful. The benefits of this supplement are numerous, but the magnitude is different for different consumers. Research studies show that an appropriate dose of L-theanine can overcome the blood-brain barriers and helps to increase the levels of dopamine as well as serotonin in the brain. Alpha Brain is endorsed by Joe Rogan and has been featured in several media outlets for its publicity. Vegetarians who have lower levels of choline may also benefit from the use of this supplement, which will help them to enhance their memory functions.

Availability of this supplement

It is quite common to purchase this medicine online, mostly from the official website and they even have an Amazon store. Generally 3 options are available for its purchase. Alpha Brain is endorsed by Joe Rogan and is available in 90ct bottle which costs $79.95, a single bottle costing $34.95 and two bottles costing $59.41. Though prices seem a bit too steep, they have a money back guarantee of 3 months and an additional option of not returning your first 30days supply if you are not happy with the results. It might be a bit risky to take a try on this supplement because customer reviews have not mentioned anything about its money-back guarantee. But if you are really desperate on giving a try you can always do so by starting with the basic package.

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