Do you have a research paper to write and have no clue where to collect your data, references, etc. from? Many students dread having to write a research paper, and most of the fear comes from not knowing where to find credible sources of information. With increased usage of the internet, many prefer to surf for information rather than peruse through thick books.

Before you start to search for information to back your research, we will outline some of the best academic resources for your dissertation writing help. We do this in the hope that it will make writing your PhD. proposal easier. They are as follows:


We work better in different situations. They are those who prefer to collaborate with others rather than work on their own. If this is the case with you, then, you should check out Mendeley.

It is a social network that will help you to work with others in finding relevant information and also to organize your research. You can use it to import papers from other software and to generate bibliographies too.


This site offers the researcher access to an extensive list of resources and references on a variety of disciplines. You will also be able to use almost every reference tool that is available, whether it is almanacs or patents.

You just might find the proper response to your research proposal for Ph.D. It doesn’t matter if it is simple or a complicated question.

Google Scholar

It works just like the Google search engine, but in this case, it limits its search results to journal articles, legal documents, and any other scholarly materials. It also has a function that helps the users’ citation needs by keeping track of their research.

If you are looking for resources online and are keen on credibility (which you should be), consider using this search engine.


Sometimes you don’t have the time to go through various “irrelevant” materials before you get to that one particular piece that is of interest. Most search engines lead to information overload. However, with RefSeek, you have a better chance of finding relevant and credible information.

After all, it is a site designed for students and researchers. It also produces more scholarly sites as compared to a regular search engine.


Do you have a particular book that is crucial to finalizing your research paper? With Bartleby, you can find almost any book of interest from its vast database. You only need to know the author, title or subject of the book, type it in and hit the search button.

It is a useful tool for accessing the unlimited resources of books and information, on the web. And more so, it is free to use.


Have you ever been in need of visiting a local library but didn’t know where to find one? The World Cat is a network of over 10000 libraries around the world. You will not only be able to tell the location of the local library, but you can also search through their collection of materials.


Many other resources could be of benefit to your research. You only need to know where and how to look for credible sources. We hope that this article will jumpstart your research process to access relevant information quickly.