Vibratory screeners are one of the most important types of screening machinery and they are typically used within the construction industry, as a means of grading and separating waste materials. The use of these machines can introduce a number of benefits to the construction process, enabling work to be carried out more efficiently and increasing productivity levels.

Highly Effective

These vibrating screeners operate at a high frequency, which enables an excellent degree of separation to take place, at a much quicker rate than other methods would be able to achieve. A basic screening method would be to carry out separation by hand, which would be extremely laborious and take far longer to complete. Other separation equipment includes rotary sifters, which are preferred in some industries, but they can’t manage the high capacity that vibratory screeners can.

Choice of Designs

There are a number of screener designs that meet the differing requirements of individual industries and settings. For instance, you can choose from electric or hydraulic vibrators, single or double screening decks, and stationary or mobile screens, so you have the most suitable type of vibrating screener for your operation.

Compact Profile

Vibrating screeners are manufactured using fairly simple construction methods, which provide a small and compact profile. This enables the equipment to be fitted into relatively tight areas and it can be easily stored when not required.

Wet Screening

One of the problems of having to screen wet or sticky materials is that the elements can become attached to one another, making it harder to separate them effectively. However, these vibratory screeners can handle a wide range of materials, even those that are wet, allowing them to be completely separated on the first attempt.

Cost Effective

Within the construction industry, it’s essential to keep operating costs as low as possible, in order to increase the profit levels at the end of the project. Vibrating screeners provide a cost effective and simple method of sorting through waste materials, so that they can be reused, sold or disposed of appropriately.

Easy to Maintain

It’s important that construction equipment is well maintained and reliable, to reduce the levels of unplanned downtime that occur. There are only a few working components within these vibratory screeners, so this type of equipment can be easily maintained with very little effort or cost.

Environmental Benefits

The construction industry is constantly looking for ways in which it can enhance its environmental profile, and the introduction of screening equipment can go a long way to achieving this. Typically, building sites create a large quantity of waste materials, which if they weren’t sorted, would simply be sent to landfill. However, vibratory screeners provide a quick and efficient way of grading the materials, so that as much as possible can either be reused on site or sold for other purposes.

All of these benefits combine to provide construction sites with a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way of separating materials and they make vibratory screeners one of the most valuable tools available.