Installing solar panels on domestic properties is becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners are seeing the potential benefits they can bring. They are not only beneficial for the environment, but they can also reduce the amount you spend on energy bills and could even make you money.

Over the past few years we have become more aware of the use of solar energy. Panels are now being fitted on a range of buildings, including offices, schools and homes, as well as the use of large scale solar farms. The amount of solar panels that are now installed in the country doubled in 2014 and there is enough to power 1.5 million homes.

Benefits of Solar Power

More than half a million property owners are already seeing the benefits of solar power. If you’re looking for domestic solar panels in Swansea or other parts of the country, what advantages can you expect to see once your system has been installed?

Reduce Energy Bills

One of the main reasons that property owners have solar panels fitted is to reduce the amount they spend on their energy bills. The panels, such as those fitted by, generate electricity from the sun. This is completely free, so any electricity it provides to your home will reduce the amount that you require from the National Grid. Once you have taken the installation costs into account, the continued generation of electricity will then be provided for free.

The Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels On Your Home

Make Money

As well as providing you with free electricity, any energy generated by the panels can earn you money through the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme (FITs). This applies even if you then use the electricity yourself and you can also sell any surplus back through the scheme. There are different tariffs depending on the size of the system you have and whether you are generating and using the power or exporting it into the grid. When your system has been installed you will need to register for FITs through your installer and choose a supplier.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Even small changes that individual property owners make can help to reduce the overall carbon footprint. As we require a greater degree of energy it’s crucial that we find more renewable and sustainable sources of power. Options such as oil and gas will not be around forever and have a higher polluting effect than green sources of energy, such as solar. By having solar panels installed you’ll need to take less energy from these methods and so lower the impact that you personally have on the environment: you could save more than a tonne of CO2 every year.

Low Maintenance

Compared with some other methods of energy generation, solar panels require hardly any maintenance once they’re installed. They are long lasting, have no mechanisms that can fail and will simply require cleaning on an occasional basis. They are also silent when operating, so won’t impact on surrounding properties.

With all these benefits, it’s not surprising that the popularity of solar panels is growing.