All homeowners out there will know the lifelong problem of too much stuff, too little space. An extension is not always the most cost effective way to bring that space to your home. However, many people forget to take a look into concrete garages. So we’ve decided to list some of the alternative uses, for those who require extra space on a budget.

Idea Number 1 – Vehicle Storage

Fairly obvious idea – but concrete garages are ideal for storing vehicles due to their stability and durability. Metal buildings can sometimes collapse, particularly after a heavy storm. However concrete structures are less likely to sustain this damage.

Concrete garages give you a safe place to park your vehicles away from the prying eyes of thieves and vandals. And as a positive, your insurer is likely to look at this more positively, saving some money on your policy. Similarly, your car wont depreciate as quickly as when it’s stored out in amongst the various British weather conditions.

And best of all? Concrete garages come in various different heights, and tend to be built to specification, which means you can accommodate taller vehicles such as caravans or even motorhomes.

Idea Number 2 – A workshop

Arguably one of the most popular uses for a concrete garage, aside from parking, is a workshop. A workshop can be used for any hobby or any work that you undertake at home. From woodworking to welding and everything in between, a concrete garage is perhaps the ideal place to have this extra space. The main benefits of using a concrete garage in this way is that they’re normally built with concrete floors, therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty if you’re working on greasy car parts! However, if you’re looking for something a little neater – they can always be covered easily with flooring of your choice.

Another benefit to consider is that unlike timber buildings, concrete garages are also fireproof structures. This can bring you some peace of mind if you happen to be doing any works, such as welding, which might produce sparks etc. Concrete garages also insulate well against noise, which means that you stand less of a chance of disturbing anyone around.

Idea Number 3 – Perfect storage solution

This is the perfect idea for the installation of a concrete garage. An extension is often costly, and can end up taking more time than anticipated, which puts interference on your home life. Renting a storage unit, similarly a costly alternative, and inconvenient getting to your belongings, especially as most operate at the same times as office hours.

Which is where the concrete garage becomes the perfect solution to this problem, you’ll be able to remove some of the excess clutter from inside the home. The added benefit is that your belongings can be accessed whenever required.

And even if this is not the primary reason for adding a concrete garage, you can still make the most of the available space by adding some storage facilities in the building which will enable items less frequently used to be sorted out of the way.

We’ve given just three benefits why we believe concrete garages are a great idea and great investment. But ensure that you look for a trusted company before you do so, one with a strong reputation. It’s imperative that whilst you have good value, you ensure that the company is up to the job with solid references and can provide a sturdy longstanding concrete garage that can be part of your home for many years to come.

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