The Benefit Of Including A Security System In Your Apartment

The Benefit Of Including A Security System In Your Apartment

If you are living in an apartment you may not have thought about a security system – or thought you’d be allowed to install one – but it’s time to think again. According to the FBI, there are nearly 2 million burglaries in the United States each year, and 3 out of 4 of those happened in homes or apartments. Renters are 85% more likely to experience a burglary than homeowners!

Many renters and apartment dwellers shy away from security systems for fear that the installation process will cost them a security deposit – as ironic as that turn of phrase may be. Most modern systems use wireless connections, adhesive sensors, and technology like apps and live cams to give you all the security of a hard-wired system without the heavy duty drilling and damage you’d suspect.

The new generation of security systems is wireless (read: no damage to your rented walls). Home alarm systems can be installed in apartments or condos using cell towers! In fact, these cellular security systems are considered safer because they don’t rely on a landline phone or internet connection to work. These kinds of systems are particularly beneficial for apartment renters because you can own all of the equipment and quickly take it with you from property to property if and when you move.

Now that you know a home alarm isn’t going to ruin your walls and windows and cost you a security deposit, here are four more reasons you should install a security system in your apartment:

Make it harder for dangerous guys

A lot of protecting yourself and your home comes down to making it more of a hassle for the burglars. Having a security sticker at your door and an alarm that sounds when a door or window is open will let them know right away that your home is being monitored.

Peace of mind for you. It sounds cheesy, but knowing that you have a layer of protection to alert you – or call the cops for you – if something is wrong is comforting. Your parents and loved ones will probably also enjoy this benefit.

Keeping watch

Many of the latest security systems come with cameras that upload footage to the cloud and even give you a live feed if the system is tripped. Being able to see what’s going on when you’re not at home can help you prevent or stop a break-in. You can also use a camera at your door to see who’s knocking or ringing the doorbell and decide whether or not to answer.

Alerts for other issues

In addition to intruder alarms, many systems are also equipped with signals for things like smoke or carbon monoxide. If that furnace next to your window is acting up or maybe a drain isn’t working correctly, a security system can alert you to issues and prevent a disaster.


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